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RE: [DMCForum] Re: Ford and GM

I don't know the example you gave for the Fords seems more of a recycle than
the H2.  I mean all you were doing was recycling the chassis for a ton of
similar trucks in different configurations.  That's the same as most of the
auto makers.  The Suburban is the Yukon XL, the Tahoe is the Yukon.  The
Town & Country is the Caravan, the Durango is a Dakota, the Explorer is a
Mountaineer which is a Ranger, the H2 is... well an H2 lol.  You see the H2
is a lot more than a few body panel switches, or recycled parts.  It is a
rare departure for GM.

Ford has never been an innovator per se.  They got a good design and they
will run it until it drops.  Look at the new Fords and give me one kick ass
car among them?  Not one hits $30k except the Tbird and that's being
discontinued.  Chrysler/Dodge etc has been the innovators IMHO.  Dating back
to the K-car, through Cab Forward, and now the newest incarnations of the
Magnum, Charger, PT Cruisers, etc.  GM has always been the follower, but
selling tons of cars.

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The midsized truck platform that Ford uses for the Ranger came about
in 1982-83 or so. And according to the industry news, their holding
back on the platform redesign until 2010.

The platform is a great design IMO. The design schematics remain the
same, as well as the basic stamped parts: Firewall, inner fenders,
windshield frame, and door frames. Weld on a short roof and floorboard
to a rear panel, and you've got a regular cab pickup. Use a longer
floorpan, roof, & cab extensions, and you've got the extended cab.
Swap out front fenders & grill, and it's either a Ford Ranger, or a
Mazda B-Series truck. You can even keep the same drivetrains.

Now, swap out an even longer floorpan, roof, front clip, two new sides
that replace the bed and tack on a hatchback, and VIOLA! You've got
the Ford Explorer! Swap fenders again, and it's a Mercury Mountaineer.
Now swap out the side walls for two door frames, along with a new rear
panel, and use a 4' bed in the back, and it's now a Sport Trac! Delete
the rear panel, tack on extensions, and reuse the hatchback, and
you've got the Explorer 4-Door!

It's a great platform design that offers many vehicle options.
However, Ford has better sense at using different fenders and design
cues for each incarnation, that it almost looks like a totally
differnt vehicle. GM does this with their large SUVs, and it just
looks like a streched option, rather than a redesign. Ford reinvents,
and GM just recycles. Or at least that's the image that comes across,
as demonstrated by the recent debate of H2 vs. Yukon.

And the formula works across many platforms. Do the same thing to a
full-size pickup, and you've got the
F-150/Bronco/Expedition/Excursion. Even Chrysler has done this with
their Dakota/Durango & Ram Truck/Ram Charger designs.

Yeah, you read that right. In Mexico, the Ram Charger never ceased
production, but did evolve:


--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Josh Porter" <joshp1986@xxxx> wrote:
> The early ones are but in I think it was 93 Ford designed the
> platform and gave it to Mazda as apay back for the favor.
> Josh
> --- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Marc Levy <malevy_nj@xxxx> wrote:
> >
> > Isn't the Ranger just a Mazda B??
> >
> >
> > --- Jon Heese <dmcforum@xxxx> wrote:
> >
> > > Usually you do get what you pay for.  But generally
> > > speaking, a Ranger
> > > is not significantly more expensive than a Focus, so
> > > the rest of your
> > > message really doesn't uphold the first two
> > > sentences.
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