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Re: [DMCForum] It seems too simple.. Why has no one built it forproduction yet?

The simple question I asked when reading these patents is "why?"

Who decided that pre-heating the fuel to the point of vapourisation
would make for a more efficient burn? Seems to me you're wasting energy
heating it up to start with, and losing the energy released when it
transfers from a liquid to a gas.

Remember where petrol's concerned, the liquid doesn't burn anyway, the
vapour burns. Your injectors are atomising the fuel stream - making the
surface area of the droplets as large as possible encouraging
vapourisation. Once ignited, the heat and compression soon takes care of
the rest and you get the entire benefit of the expansion within the
combustion chambers.

Or look at LPG - commonplace over here now are LPG conversions.
Liquified Petroleum Gas, is a propane/butane mix and as the name
suggests, normally a gas. It's a liquid in a pressurised tank in your
car, then injected as a gas into your engine. Typically about 20% by
volume less efficient/powerful than petrol, but much cleaner so big tax
breaks from the government on the cost of the stuff.

I drive a direct injection diesel engined car. The principle is to
enable the fuel to be injected into the combustion chamber -already
under compression- to allow for the leanest possible burn, eliminating
the possibility of knocking. Fir interest, the primary fuel pump runs ar

It occurred to me that you could do that with a petrol engine - if you
could inject direct to the cylinders, you could actually run a petrol
engine using compression ignition, allowing the lean running diesels
achieve. Turns out Alpha Romeo have done it, and they're notoriously
unreliable and run extremely hot. What a surprise!


Marc Levy wrote:

>Check out USPN: 5,398,663
>and USPN: 4,862,859


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