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Re: [DMCForum] Engine swaps / upgrades

Let me start this off my saying YAHOO FUCKING SUCKS..
I wrote a whole long response, then the new Yahoo
spell checker deleted it.  Nice, eh?

--- Ryan Wright wrote:


> Question: Why did you rule out a V8?

Too big, for one.   All of the V8 swaps I have seen
require that fiberglass be cut to make it fit.  One of
the project parameters was to have little to no
modification to any DMC parts. 


> True. I suppose I could pull it off. It would
> require a lot of
> research, you're right. I'm not familiar with all of
> the various
> engines & transmissions available, so I can't just
> pick out of my
> head, "Oh, well, x might mate with y, and -
> actually, it would be
> better to use z because, ...". It would be a long
> process. :)

Why can't you?  That is how it is done..  Put together
a combination that you like, then research it to see
if you can make it work..  As the process evolves, so
does your knowledge of all the components involved.  I
have spent HUNDREDS of hours doing this in the past 5
years....  Or wait for someone else to do it, and copy


> Wow. That's a beautiful thing. Makes me want to do a
> Northstar swap
> even more. Looks like a nice installation. Who did
> this, again? Also
> looks like that car was for sale - did he ever sell
> it?

The guys name was "Richard Cutter" outfit was
"American Custom Engines".  He only built the one car,
and offered to do it for anyone who brought him a
DeLorean and $20,000!!  I believe he sold the car, and
is no longer in business.

If you do some google searching for it, you will
probably dig up some more information and old DML


> I'm guessing such a conversion would run $10k-$20k,
> mostly in labor.

I don't know what Don would charge for a conversion.

> That's a little out of my budget. I was thinking I
> could pull off a
> Northstar swap for +/- $6-8k if I did the work
> myself. Plus, I'd know
> the car inside and out, which is important if I'm
> going to service it.

You probably could.

> > Did you read what I wrote after this??  about the
> > VQ35?
> Yep. Sounds like it would be a nice swap. I've just
> got the itch for
> more. A 250hp DeLorean sounds neat, but I drove a
> Fiero with nearly
> that much power every day for a couple of years.
> While fun, it quickly
> wears off. It's not "amazing" powerful. It's just
> peppy.

You can build a 400HP VQ35 pretty easy.  Plenty of
aftermarket stuff for it.  Even forged pistons, and
stroker kits!!  The supercharger claims to add 55%
horse power, that is just about 400HP.

The advantage of what I am doing is I will get the car
to run on the stock VQ35.  And when the 260HP is no
longer making me smile, I can slowly shop for
aftermarket performance parts designed for the G35,
350Z, or Maxima and bolt them to my DeLorean!

If I feel a little crazy, I can get forced
induction...   If I feel a lot crazy, the stroker kit!

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