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Now I got into DS9 quite a bit I found it a refreshing change, but found
Voyager my fav out of the bunch, even though one tends to be drawn to the
classic series just for the sheer originality of the time.   Had the same
experience with Enterprise I am sad to say.  I Loved the first 2 seasons,
but the whole time wars got old fast.  What I miss is the back stories like
the birth of Nunian Sungs research.

TNG was a huge fav of mine for years.  My buddies and I would have mock
parties weekly to watch that weeks episodes.  I remember we freaked out when
Picard became Locutous Of Borg.

On a side note, talk about nerdy discussions, one night a buddy of mine (who
now is an Attorney) and I had a heated discussion about Warp Speed and the
numbers.  I had to break out the Star Trek Concordia and we still ended up
staying up til about 4 A.M. arguing the topics. :)

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On 11/12/05, Jack Stiefel <jackstiefel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Now hold on one min there.  While I am sure Firefly is/was a superb show
> still need to see the movie), but Trek is an institution....  Lets not
> in an altered reality there.

Cue the big giant nerd discussion:

;-) Want to know why I fell in love with Firefly? Character
development. Trek is superb, don't get me wrong, but I fell in love
with the Firefly characters more than I ever did with Trek.

I'm weird, though. I really enjoyed Voyager. In fact, I think it's one
of the best Treks next to TNG. Might have helped that I didn't see a
single episode until about a year ago, when I watched all 7 seasons
back to back over a period of a couple of months. Oh, and I can't
stand DS9. I gave it half of the first season before giving up. My
wife teases me that Trek is a space soap opera; DS9 might as well have
been "Days of our Lives." I don't see the "soap opera" in other Trek,
but I sure saw it in DS9, and it drove me crazy.

I also loved the first two seasons of Enterprise. Other than the "time
wars" BS, the rest of the episodes were excellent. Season three
sucked, I don't think a show should spend more than 2 episodes on a
single plot. An entire season was just unbearable. By season four I'd
lost interest and when the alien Nazis showed up it was too much to
handle. Eventually, I went back and watched the rest of season four
and there were some great episodes - but nothing approaching the first
two seasons. I mean, the entire show is set early in our space faring
history. We're supposed to be casually exploring, making friends,
making enemies, but generally being klutzes. I think seasons 1 & 2
captured this well. By season four we were more "bad ass" than I felt
we should have been.

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