[DMCForum] Possible alternator trouble and more
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[DMCForum] Possible alternator trouble and more

Ok everyone, get ready for a long one:

A little over a month ago I replaced my original 90-amp Motorola
with a D150 from John Hervey, just as a preventative step. My
original Motorola was still working fine, but I figured I would
upgrade it before it failed and left me stranded instead of after.

Everything was working great the last month, until about 5 days ago,
I started noticing that once in a while as I would accelerate,
particularly in 1st and 2nd gear, through around 1500-1900 RPMs I
would hear a whining screeching sound like a rusty wheel spinning
that needed some lubrication kind of thing, and coinciding with the
noise the voltmeter would dip from its normal 13.5-14 down to about
12.5 until the noise stopped. It usually only lasted for about 3-5
seconds. I tried 3 different times in the driveway manipulating the
throttle from the engine to replicate the symptom but could not.

Then this afternoon on my drive to work, when I was about 10 minutes
away, the voltmeter dropped down to about 11 (it was just a hair
above the red line in between 8 and 13). The noise from before was
not present, and the volts never went back up the rest of the drive.
I tried quickly having a look in the parking lot at work but
couldn't see or smell anything really out of the ordinary in the
engine bay. When I came out to drive home, the voltmeter was in the
same spot right around 11 for the entire drive home, and if I
pressed the gas down a fair bit and put a decent load on the engine
trying to accelerate it would shudder and kick and the tachometer
would go erratic, although with light acceleration I was able to
maintain any constant speed (the drive home is about 70 mph).
Usually the idle in my car is right at 750-850 all the time. As I
got a little closer to home I noticed it started idling right at
1000. In the driveway at home I was messing around gunning the
engine a couple times and letting the idle settle back down and it
did drop from 1000 down to about 950 at one point.

I can't see anything really out of the order from looking. Both
belts are new and appear to still be fine. The battery light works
of course but never illuminated the whole time. I have no idea where
to start here. I know, the first thing I should do is call John
Hervey. I did, and he's out of town for a few days so no help there
for the time being. I'd appreciate any insights, tips, and advice on
what to do here, or even an explanation of what could be going on.
Should I grab my tools and head out tonight and put the Motorola
back in to make sure I can get to work tomorrow morning?? (yes the D
is my only car) Thanks a lot everyone for any help whatsoever!



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