[DMCForum] update on 16879
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[DMCForum] update on 16879

Well it has been an interesting few days with 16879.  I had to pick up a
load of scrap wheels at a junkyard in Osprey, Fl and while I was there, I
asked the head guy if he had any Volvos out there from the early to late
80?s.  He told me he had lots and to go and take a look. 

I was looking for a fuel distributor as I think mine was gummed up as I
posted earlier.  Well after walking about a ½ mile to the bitter back of his
yard low and behold there was a Volvo with our engine in it.  Boy was it
weird seeing on for the first time ?backwards? in anther car.  Anyway I
removed the distributor and paid my $16.00 for it and left.  When I got home
I took some Emory cloth to the plunger and cleaned it up.  It slid in and
out perfectly, so I installed it in 16879.  It made things better, but did
not start fully.  It now seemed to want to fire up, but just couldn?t get
enough fuel ? just chugged and sputtered out.

Today I stopped off at the auto parts store and bought new spark plugs
thinking maybe they were old and fouled.  I also was planning to meet Eric
Burtt after work.  I got home a few min before he arrived so I installed the
plugs.  While he was playing around in the bay we thought the new chugging
sounded like a cold start valve so we swapped the plugs with the cold start
and the warm up regulator. 

SHE FIRED RIGHT UP!!!!!  Long story short we had her running off the cold
start for about 30-45 minutes and I drove it around the cul-de-sac a couple
of times, then she died maybe from lack of fuel in the tank, or the
accumulator (PO told me that?s what was wrong when I bought the car).

not sure what?s wrong yet, but SHE RAN!!!!!  Tony at DMCF will get her soon
and get to the bottom once and for all, oh and no I am not going to keep
starting it Tony, it?s bad :-)

This little car keeps getting better and better, only thing now is there is
nothing more for me to do until it gets to DMCF for the experts to take a

Jack Stiefel - Tampa, Fl

DMC Vin 03461 1981 Grey 5 speed

DMC Vin 16879 1983 Black 5 speed

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