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Dang!!! If the 0-60 in 3 secs and 100 miles to the gallon is true,
then the auto sompanies are more ignorant than I thought. I would buy
one of these hydrosister thingy mug chigs.


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> Did you folks catch this from the DML?
> -Ryan
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> From: tkasmer <tkasmer@xxxx>
> Date: Oct 27, 2005 11:13 AM
> Subject: [DML] John Z DeLorean and the Hydristor
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> *****  Moderator's Note  *****
> With the Tilly experience fresh in our minds, please keep
> the discussion of this focused on the car.  We will not
> debate whether or not this invention can even work or if
> the horsepower, acceleration, or fuel mileage claims
> are valid.  If any of our members who have contact with
> some of the people mentioned below can verify (or deny)
> Mr. Kasmer's claims are pertinent to the discussion.
> Any questions about the specifics of the invention are to
> be sent directly to Mr. Kasmer.
> Mike G  Moderator of the week
> *****
>    My name is Thomas E. Kasmer and I am an inventor. You can review
> my work by going to Google and typing in the word 'Hydristor'.
>    Around the end of 2003, I received a call from John who was
> enquiring about several of my patents. I had never spoken to John
> prior to this. He was the most knowledgable engineer I had ever
> spoken to in my entire career. We had a number of subsequent
> conversations about the use of the Hydristor in his new car design
> and I asked him to send me a short note on his opinion of my
> invention.
> I don't know how to include his response here and perhaps the
> webmaster will contact me with a means to do that.
>    John agreed to be my 'behind the scenes' advisor in my dealings
> with the auto industry. As a friend of mine said, John ran General
> Motors at one time. My friend, Jerry Williamson, worked for John at
> one time so he was very familiar with John's capability.
>    In March of 2005, I was invited by Alan Hitchcox, executive
> of Hydraulics and Pneumatics magazine to come to Las Vegas with my
> John Deere differential hydrostatic lawn tractor and put it on
> display  as the guest of the magazine. I had several conversations
> with John as  I drove cross-country, talking on my cell phone with a
> headset. I also got the interest of Tom Torbjornsen of America'a Car
> Show headquartered in Jamestown, New York and I mentioned John's
> mentoring of my efforts. Tom wanted to speak with John to verify my
> claims for the Hydristor and I called John with that request. John
> called Tom and they had a lengthy conversation about the Hydristor.
> This is mentioned by Torbjornsen on the Car Show interview posted on
> my website
> http:/www.hydristor.com.
> Subsequently, I was aware of John's passing as I
> was driving the last few miles to Las Vegas for the IFPE show. It
> a very sad time for me as I had become accustomed to John's very
> counsel.
>    All that said, I am planning to do something that will make
> available to DMC-12 owners a version of Hydristor torque converter
> that I am building for the Ford Expedition. This will be a smaller
> size Hydristor converter dedicated to fit the existing bellhousing
> space of the PRV-V6 drivetrain. The transmission can be retained 'as
> is' for manual shift cars and in the case of automatics, the
> transmission  will be emptied of most parts and simply hold up the
> engine. The  Hydristor can be optionally used for hydraulic braking
> energy storage  to virtually eliminate the use of the friction
> brakes. The in-town  mileage will approach highway mileage and the
> engine will be slowed to  around 1,000 Rpm at highway speed,
> doubling or more the gas mileage.  Also, the Hydristor technology
> enables the full power of the engine to  be utilized, and 5 second
> runs to 60 will be possible with no engine  modifications. If the
> optional hydraulic braking is installed, the  energy of forward
> motion will be saved in hydraulic pressure tanks and  the car will
> accelerate near '1g', reaching 60 in 3 seconds flat. I am
> doing this as an individual and I am working on some possible
> financing to cut the first prototype. John believed in this
> technology  and wanted to use it in the new car he was designing.
> That new car may still come to pass; we'll see. But I believe John
> would approve of an  upgrade in the DMC-12 and I give my phone
> number should anyone wish to call me. 607-7631607 (US-EST).
>    I have been trying to interest the auto companies in this
> technology and nobody wants to listen. Maybe a DMC-12 going 0-60 in
> 3 seconds and getting 100 Mpg will get the public's attention. And
> wouldn't that be something John would approve of. I posted a
> comment on my website in regard to John's passing. I have not said
> anything out of respect for his memory and his family. He urged me
> on  many occasions to press ahead and I am now going to do that.
>    Thomas E. Kasmer


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