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[DMCForum] Re: 10989 is alive

So Greg, When is the red bullet going to be on the road?


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> Very cool, Josh!  Congratulations!  I am a bit jealous. :)
> Greg
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> This mostly for Lauren and those who care. Mike and I got my car to
> run on it's own power today. Just the best day of the year! I was
> a state of extesy and trying to come up with some good comebacks so
> right now I can't remember the exact stuff that we did and I know
> that Mike will check this so he will be able to tell you more about
> it.
> The gas we got out of the tank looked like really strong coffee. We
> tried to get my cousin to drink some saying that it was Dr. Pepper
> but he was too smart to fall for it. We cleaned the tank and
> installed a new pump. DMCH sold me the worng fitting washer thing
> for the fuel pump and that is most likly the way that most of the
> water got into the tank. We replaced those with some correct ones
> and it looks much better. We flushed the whole system and man, it
> was nasty. We replaced the fuel filter, which was interesting
> because I'm used to it being right there and easy to get to and
> replace.
> We aired up the tires because one of them only had 10psi in it and
> can't remember what the other three had but they were close to it.
> After we got all the work done we hooked up the battery and started
> the baby. It took a while but we got it to run on at least four
> cylinders. When we started I think it was running on someting like
> one or two. After it got warmed up a little it ran and idled
> smoothly. No smoke either, we were both shoked.
> It still needs a lot of work but at least the dangerous part is
> and I believe that I can take it from here. It still needs the
> clutch to be looked at because I have no idea about clutches
> I've never delt with them. When I press down on the pedal it is
> soft, I put some fluid in it and it helped some but still is too
> soft. Mike said something about the pressure plate so next time we
> are going to work on that.
> At least now I can say that it runs and I can go out and press the
> gas and honk the horn. you gotta make sure the horn works, what's
> the point in having a car that runs but no horn? ;)
> I told Mike that I would have to hug him and he laughed, then I
> him that I love him and he said that was close enough. I had to
> resort to the dog.
> I can see the blue lights now :)
> Josh
> 10989

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