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[DMCForum] RE: Re: FanZilla VS "Fan Fix" or Lockzilla for president

Holy shit, are we still talking about the stupid relays ?

Yes, great, Lockzilla is perfect, because I am using it, too.
Mine just looks a bit different because it's the stock module with
an extra 5A circuit breaker and the original 30A relays instead
of 70A ones.
But the rest inside is the same.

I hoped to find a modern design inside the black box, but
I didn't.

And my car for sure won't burn because I installed a relay
by myself. Robert - you have a lot of experience and knowledge
about these cars, that's for sure. 20 years more than I do - you
for living, me only as a hobby. But I know my job, too. At least so good,
that I can tell the difference between a late 70's design and a
modern one.

At the end we are fighting about a stupid black box with two relays
inside that unlocks the doors. Wasted time.

Have a good night



Message: 2
   Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 20:48:44 -0400
   From: <rob@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: Re: FanZilla VS "Fan Fix":


I wasn't trying to attack you but sometimes, perhaps because of your
electrical background, you say things that look good on paper but I don't
think you have the necessary experience to back up in practice. That?s
normal...you are young and entitled to your own opinion. You've said both
good and bad things about Zilla's and I appreciate some of it and don't mind
listening to suggestions but you don't know the track record of all the
products out there like I do. I could pick apart the Houston tank sender too
but what point would there be as it is currently the only cost effective one
available so I use it too.  It has faults I could reveal but since I don't
currently have a better product available what IS the point.

The fact that BobZilla and I stuck our necks out and introduced a better
line of electronics for the D which have proven reliable should not be the
cause of so much grumbling and second guessing by every owner with an
electrical degree. I don't have one so you have me there but Bobzilla knows
electrical design and I know DeLorean's better than you, Elvis, and a half a
dozen other people who seem unsatisfied with their design.

If you guys can build better modules for the locks and fans and sell them
for $9.99 or even $299.99 I say more power to you. But if you're not going
to because you "can't justify the cost" I say it's time to "shit or get off
the pot". I don't mean that in a bad way it's just that the same crap keeps
getting repeated over and over and I don't see why I should have to waste
time defending our products to people who don't even use them. When my
customers start complaining about them is when I'll be concerned. I hear the
same complaints from mostly the same people every year. If you don't like it
I'm not asking you to buy it...OK. Just keep a wary eye on your "Fan Fix's,
your fan fail wires, or any of your own homebuilt inventions lest you one
day find YOUR DeLorean on fire!

Rob Grady,

P.J.Grady Inc.

Dmc Dml Dmc fz10
Dmc fz1s Delorean part Dml forte


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