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Hmmm..... you didn't build it because it would be at a price
you "couldn't justify". Sounds like a Fanzilla I suppose but why is
it you two "electrical engineers" can find so much fault with a
product but aren't willing to invest the time and money to invent
something better for less as you suggest it would be so easy to do.
I suppose if I sold "Zilla's" and all of our other products at cost
the price would be more justifiable but as a business model it
wouldn't hold much water and I would be just another failed "flash
in the pan" DeLorean vendor like so many others. I know it's
shamefull to earn a living working on DeLorean's but my customers
seem to appreciate it and the last I heard you were trying to do the
same thing. I'm sure your engineering degree makes you an instant
expert on all things DeLorean so perhaps I can call you for
technical advice. NOT! I don't know about you but I've been doing
this for twenty four years and plan on twenty four more and I think
you'll be moving on to greener pastures long before then. I'll miss
you but you won't see me bashing your products and I assure you it's
not because you haven't made anything . It's called professional
courtesy which seems to be sorely lacking in this business. Perhaps
I should abandon this practic of selling solutions that some people
don't appreciate and concentrate on replacing all of the extra blown
solenoids, batteries, and engines I could sell as a result. I
realize that this debate will be endless and indeed pointless so
I'll go about doing what I always do...fixing DeLoreans. I'll let
you have the last word. Tommorrow is Monday and it's back to work
for me. Like today I'll be working, but harder, so the thread is
yours (and Elvis's). Have fun!

-- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Martin Gutkowski <martin@xxxx> wrote:
> Rob,
> Fair enough, there was a problem in the batch that went into the
car in
> question, and you may recall I did contact you about it at the
time. I
> knew the Zillas were fully guaranteed and suggested you contact
> customer directly to arrange a replacement/repair. I can probably
> up the e-mails if you like.
> As to your comment below, as you put it so bluntly, I will reply
in a
> similar vein.
> If you look back at my posts, you should find that I always praise
> FanZilla as a neat concept, however I do think it could be better
> found a failure on my own car that would cause the "fan fail" not
> come on*. Not long after that happened, I heard on the DML of
> who found the exact same problem and did have a FanZilla. I
DID "build a
> better mousetrap" and got as far as the prototype stage that
> perfectly. The fanzilla is a pair of relays which are switched
> sequentially using a 555 timer circuit. Each output is fused and
> fuses are "watched" so if either blows, the fan fail light comes
on. I
> think this is simple and reliable, but my own fan failure, plus
> from others sent me down a different path and I have not been able
> recommend the fanzilla as a result of it - NOT because of the
failure of
> the unit I saw, which I knew was unusual. I should have made that
> in my previous post. I contacted Bob about these specific
> and yet again received no reply.
> So why didn't we build our own? Because to re-coup the kind of
money it
> would take to make the kind of product I wanted would mean selling
at a
> price I couldn't justify asking. It's cheaper to buy a better
> alternator**! FWIW we got it down to a single solid state plug-in
> the size of two fan-fail modules that just plugged into the two
> relay bases. No ugly flying leads and box.
> Regarding the other Zilla products: The LockZilla is indeed a
waste of
> money, in my opinion. I have never dismantled one but have rebuilt
> countless stock modules that have a zero failure rate to date. The
> to my customers? Less than $50. I have looked into making a direct
> replacment but I was asked, by a customer, "why bother, have any
of the
> other units failed?".
> The TankZilla is a 3rd party sender machined to fit the hole with
a box
> of tricks to make it work on the DeLorean's electrics. Great, if
> reliable, but very expensive given that the DMCH unit came in at
> the price and is a properly designed drop-in replacement. These
> alone speak volumes, IMO.
> I don't appreciate being told I don't do anything but complain. Go
> and re-read my contributions to this current "FanZilla" thread and
> me if I said anything negative other than to point out that I've
> your product fail too! I should have made it clear that I know
this was
> rare, but at the time, you didn't seem to appreciate my
> * Get water into the fan motos and thanks to the location of the
> hole and the tilt on the motors, it gums up the brushes causing
> motors to go open circuit within a couple of weeks. This can be
> with a squirt of switch cleaner through the drain hole and a
couple of
> taps with a hammer (and mine have been fine for 3 years since) but
> that's cold comfort to an owner whose head gaskets have failed as
a result.
> ** http://www.delorean.co.uk/DMUK/newparts1.html#alternator - the
> bollocks.
> Martin
> DeLorean Motor Cars Ltd
> www.delorean.co.uk
> rob@xxxx wrote:
> >Your
> >incessant nitpicking of Zilla products is counterproductive and
I'd suggest
> >if you can build a better mousetrap then go ahead so we can all
> >your products. You don't seem to like anything but complaining!
> >
> >Rob Grady
> >


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