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     I have the Island Twin Turbo kit.  IHI RHB's.  I've heard newer
kits come with ball-bearing IHI RHF's.  I have over 30,000 miles on
my engine with no problems.  Did a valve adjustment in April and
aside from one being way out, everything looked good on the top
end.  I only run 6psi at 1500 ft. AMSL to keep everything intact.
     I really like having the extra power at my toe-tips.  I don't
have to wonder abotut being beat out by a lawn tractor or a Geo
Metro....:)  It is a fairly straightforward kit to install although
if you aren't familiar with drilling and tapping it is best left to
the professionals.  For anyone who has the cash and isn't into an
engine swap I'd recommend this kit.  Come see me at the AZ-D table
in Pheasant Run for more information.

Matt Olans
VIN 16816

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> > I know this comes up alot but I could not find the answer I was
> > for in the archives.
> >
> > Other than the Legend turbos, are there any other brand of
turbos that
> > fits on the PRV6? I'm not wanting one right now but would like
to have
> > a twin turbo situp in the future.
> >
> > Josh
> > 10989
> >
> There are the Island Twin Turbos, but while they're are powerful,
> a crappy desgin IMO. On that car, the turbo charges sit between the
> throttle plates, and the intake manifold. So let's say you're
> on the engine hard, and the turbos are running boost. The air
> after the compressor are under pressure, which is normal. BUT,
> say you took your foot off the gas pedal. Now the turbo units are
> under Vacuum, which is not a good thing. The vacuum will break the
> seals on the turbo, and allow oil to slowly seep out. Which is why
> some turbo charged DeLoreans with the Island kit have black exhaust
> pipes. It's not any internal damage to the engine, just a problem
> the seals breaking.
> With the Legend design, the throttle plates would close, and cut
> vacuum off from the turbo units. So you didn't really have this
> problem. Many late modem VW TDI cars have this same problem.
Except on
> their cars, they also have to contend with diesel exhaust, so their
> entire intake manifolds clog up. Just something to think about if
> decide to design your own system later on...
> Otherwise, there is also a single turbo unit as well. But it's
> design that places the unit between the intake manifold, and the
> throttle plates. For those, they've always looked the same to me. A
> welded flange on the turbo, and it mounts in place of the Catalytic
> Converter. The oil feed is tapped directly off the block on the
> drivers side, and is driven by the interal engine oil pump.
> I probably won't get to install the turbos I bought for at least
> another couple of years. But I picked up a couple of IHI RHB-5
> from some Ford Probes. These are almost the same ones that Legend
> used. I say almost the same, because these are also water cooled.
> impellers are visably different too. And on the one unit, I can
> the tubine with a single finger, and the compressor will actually
> a slight breeze out.
> -Robert


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