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RE: [DMCForum] Torsion bar adjustment


It's not hard to do at all.  I have the plans somewhere to build the jig but
can't find them right now.

I bought an extendible door prop from Northern Tools.  If the following link
doesn't work then search on "cargo bar."

The bar needs to be placed between the door and the sill plate, not the
ground.  This is easier to do with the louvers and engine cover off of the
car.  I used a breaker bar and two extensions, which I think are about two
feet long each.

Two guys can do it but three would be better.  Check the grooved end of your
torsion bar to make sure it isn't mushroomed out. 

Wait, grooved?  Mushroom?  This ain't no 70's party! ;)

This wasn't very hard for us to do and I have done this a few times.  Before
you do anything, use a Sharpie to draw a line across the end of the torsion
bar and plate so you have a beginning reference point.

I hope that made sense, kinda tired here.


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I need to loosen my torsion bars. I put new struts on and boy, the
doors fly. Previous owner must have cranked them up big time. Since
I'm 4 hours away from the nearest torsion bar expert (that I know of),
I'm going to buy/build the stuff, grab a buddy and do this in my
garage. Tomorrow.

I've watched this done and I mostly understand the procedure and
potential liabilities. I just need some questions answered:

1. Where can I find a template for building the wood thing at the back
of the car? I've seen this before but of course, didn't save it.

2. Which size bit, and how long should my extensions be?

3. Do I need to prop the doors up and remove the lift struts, or can I
perform this with the doors open & the struts on? My plan is simply to
loosen one notch at a time, put the bolts back in and test the door.

4. While I'm here, I'd like to get a good door prop rod. I've seen
these sold by our vendors but if I need to prop the doors up tomorrow,
I'm going to have to find something locally. Any ideas on what I
should be looking for? If not, I'll make do with something else and
order one from a vendor for next time.

Any other tips or bits of advice would be welcome as well.

Thank you!



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