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Rick never unsubscribed and I hope he doesn't.  Actually, I hope no one
unsubscribes but not every group is for everyone.

There was a mass exodus just before the new rules and about ten or twelve
people left within two days.


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Did you miss Rick Gendreau's goodbye message yesterday when the policy
was first announced?  That makes at least two members leaving because of
the new policy.

I think the only reason I haven't quit yet is I actually kinda like
yelling at my computer screen when the new moderators say awful things
like "you have been warned", "will be taking a brief time out" and "Marc
Levy, please report to the Principal's office".

I imagine I'll get tired of it eventually.  Whatever.

Jon Heese

Bob Brandys wrote:
> I was disappointed to see that one member of this list has now left
> because of this changing to a moderated forum.
> I was afraid that this would happen.
> Though I understand the complaints about discussions on religion and
> politics, that is afterall one of the signs of the higher level of
> intelligence of the average Delorean owner.  Personally, I enjoyed all
> of these.  Remember Robert for president- this was fun wasn't it?
> Just look at the recent story of the cop who drew is gun (aka DEADLY
> FORCE)  because he did not know "what kinda car is this?"  Really
> scary!  Just look a Chicago, they just settled to suits for illegal
> force.  $3.5 million for killing on guy-chocking him to death-the guy
> was a US soldier-GEE a lot of respect for the troops there!,  $1.3
> million for breaking a guy face-really bad.  Broke his jaw-teeth were
> sideways.  on a traffic stop.   (this of course in perspective of the
> sexual abuse million dollar settlements of last year!)
> There is an old saying (the authors name escapes me) that goes
> something like.
> I disagree with what you said,
> But I will defend to my death
> your right to say it.
> Bob


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