RE: [DMCForum] Re: ATTENTION: New DMCForum policies
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RE: [DMCForum] Re: ATTENTION: New DMCForum policies

Now that we are moderated (moderated by people who have shown bias towards
others in the past) explain to me how now, that this forum is different from
the DML?
I don't like the political / religious / hateful stuff either, but once you
begin the
censorship where does it end?
It is the end of the beginning, these policies add up until freedom is gone.
Just take a look around you, it is happening all over.

This is why I don't believe democracy works, just because a few people voted
doesn't mean they know what is best for the rest of us.

The people of America don't understand the issues and what it takes to get
done, their vote is INFLUENCED by advertising and heart warming speeches,
they don't know what the country needs.
Usually, the "majority" simply means a "large group of idiots".
For instance, let's ask an elementary class if the 40 students would rather
go outside
and play, or should they listen to the teacher in charge and stay in and
The majority vote would be to go outside and play while the one person who
best looses the fight because of a democratic vote.
This is proof that democracy does not work in our best interest.

What the nation needs is a large committee of researchers who find out what
country needs and votes together on these subjects on behalf of the people's
interests that make it fair for all.
We do not need one particular president screwing things up every four years.

This is the same principle here on the forum, or anywhere.
In the end I know it is for the better, but on the other hand the forum is a
place to see who the real hoodlums are and let people's real colors show.
The DML does not allow that to happen, so even though the forum is different
I think it serves a different purpose other than DMC tech info and sharing,
the DML
is really the best place for that.
The forum is best for seeing the other side of DMC owners on a social level.

Time will tell.
- Videobob
- VB

>From: "Dick Ryan" <deloreanbiker@xxxxxxxxx>
>Reply-To: DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>To: DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: [DMCForum] Re: ATTENTION: New DMCForum policies
>Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2005 21:03:18 -0000
>Just returned from a 4000+ road trip in my DeLorean (now 110,000
>miles).  Did some lurking on the Forum and read about the latest
>furor.  I didn't go back to read the "offending post/posts/thread" so
>I admit ignorance to the cause of the new rules.  Having said that,
>may I also say - HOORAY!
>Guys, the group is named the DMCForum.  Yes, it is supposed to be an
>"open" forum, but I believe it is/was still intended to be somewhat
>DeLorean related.  I can find all the religious/political discussions
>I want without being subjected to them here.
>Yeah, I know, the ramblings of an old fart.  Oh, well . . .
>Dick Ryan
>VIN 16867


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