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RE: [DMCForum] Re: ATTENTION: New DMCForum policies


>Last week, Ryan sent me this message for my comments because I am
>a "moderator".  My comments were as anyone would expect AGAINST this
>action as I am an advocate of free speech and dont consider heated
>discussion on the internet anything close to "yelling fire in a
>crowded theater".

This is not a free-speech venue.  This is a small group of members who have
decided what they do and do not want in the group.

>FWIW, Greg is one of three "full moderators" on the Forum.  The
>others 2 (Walt, and Samuel) seem to be inactive.  In an effort to
>promote the Forum, and have quick responses to new...

No, Walt is no longer a "full moderator" or owner, rather.  He unsubscribed
himself and is now only a member.  He does still receive email sent to
"DMCForum-owner" because I haven't found out how to remove his email address
from that section.  He forwards everything to me and asked that nothing be
sent to him anymore.  You should have been able to verify this in the group
settings since you have access.

>... Greg
>made Me, Dave, and Rich "partial moderators" (We have limitations on
>what we can do). 

The only "limitation" you, Dave, and Ryan have is you can not delete the
group.  There are no other options I have access to that you do not other
than changing Walt's email address.  This you could have verified in the
group settings as well.  I can assure you I have absolutely no interest in
being king of the sand box, and do not need my ego stroked because I am the
"owner".  I have said several times before that I down played the fact that
I even had the keys to the group.

>The Poll (which has not been closed yet) that prompted these new
>rules was posted on 9/18/05.  Ryan was made a moderator on 9/23/05
>(to replace Rich A??).  I'd like to think that Greg's selection of a
>new moderator was unrelated to the way people voted in the Poll.

The poll should have been closed when the new rules were announced.  I
neglected to do so and will do so now.  Ryan being selected as a moderator
had absolutely nothing to do with the results of the poll.  It might
surprise you what transpired during that time but it is in private email.
If Ryan chooses to say then he can do so. 

There were several people who offered to help rebuild the Forum and Ryan was
one of them.  I think he is the only one that is still on the list so that
made the selection fairly easy.

>Not that the timing is that important, but in our private discussions
>last week, Rich made it clear that "This is not MY list, and these
>are not MY rules!  Everything I have done has been a group effort and
>putting the polls up for THE GROUP to decide proves that." 

Actually Rich didn't state that; I did.  What is wrong with the group
deciding what the group wants?  It is everyone's list.

>So, I say
>if you disagree with the new rules make it known.  Vote in the poll
>(it is still open), and let your opinions be known.  You can also
>change your vote if you so choose (Yahoo lets you do this).

It seems to me that those who wished to vote already have.

>Apparently "I Don't Care" is a meaningless vote (I say it means "I
>like things the way they are", but the other Mods don't agree)

We have talked about this off list ad nauseum.  Why not consider "I don't
care" as really them not caring?  Why would you lump it into the "yes"?  I
could use the same argument and say it deserves to be in the "no" but it
doesn't belong there either.

>I agreed with Greg to "play by the rules" mostly because the people
>advocating the rules are more vocal than those who oppose it.

No one can force people in the group to vote.  If some chose not to vote
then so be it.  If you can't speak up for yourself why should anyone else?

>I was thinking of trying to talk Rick in to sticking around and trying to
>help the list evolve but then realized that the other moderators take
>more notice to people leaving than staying.

I think that is an absolutely ridiculous statement.  Should we send out a
"thank you" note every day for the people who are still members?  There are
over three hundred people subscribed but only a handful of people actually
post anything at all.  Most of those three hundred people have their
settings at "no email" and I will bet most of those don't even drop in

Why don't we all work together to make the group better and get more people



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