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Re: [DMCForum] Unsubscriptions

Well obviously I seriously doubt if any of you care anymore of my existance
here on the forum, I had a DeLorean, now I don't and for some reason I seem
to be viewed as Inferior and less of a Delorean owner/fan which sort of
makes me feel unwelcome here as it is, as Im most of the time not
appreciated for what little I do post so my opinion doesn't seem to matter
that much.

I loved this forum for the fact that everyone was welcoming and nice, and
friendly, bringing religion into things mucks it up for non belivers and
spiritualists etc etc, myself not believing in any religion at all...and
personally I don't like it when people start preaching B.S. and ruin it for
myself and others who share my "Keep religion off this forum and the love of
Deloreans on!" but apparently that doesn't matter as this site seems more
now of a NON DMC to what some members say "This is the least
delorean delorean forum!"

Im not really sure I want to stay, alot of the people here have been both
nice and mean to me, I doubt it has more to do with my beliefs and more or
less the fact that either #1 they never believed I owned a DMC, or think I
was some stuck up punk or snotty kid...which I have heard myself reffered to
as by some of the members here (just because you dont see my reply...doesn't
mean that I don't see what you say about me on sites etc.) Don't pass it
off, I have seen it..not like any of you would care regardless.

This just seems to top it off...I only wanted to stay to stay in touch with
the community that I thought I had the pleasure of being a part of...the
second you stop being a owner you become a oustider, and it feels horrible.

Obviously Im probably considered in the leauge of claude here by the way I
have been treated the bottom barrel dmc owners that are passed off as

I dobut it will matter to you, but if you wish to keep in touch you can AIM
me : AvicennaSarfaraz or send me a email, here at my asarfaraz@xxxxxxxxxxx

Im probably the least valuable member here, so I doubt if you care if I bow
out at this stage, but surely you do realize that DMC forum is going to
collapse if this continues.
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> The volume of this list has been staggering the past 2
> days.  A few more people bailed out today too.
> If you notice today, I did not partake in any of the
> heated discussion.  Might I suggest that we all do the
> same for the rest of the week?  A lot of stuff flew
> around this week, and I saw behavior from people who I
> though I knew pretty well (from this list) that I
> would have never expected.
> It is optional for everyone, but I am going to opt in
> and "take a vacation" from these topics, including the
> debate over banning people.  I suggest we all take a
> step back and chill for a few days.  I say this
> because last night all of this crap stopped being fun.
> The thought of leaving the list did cross my mind,
> because why should I stay when I am no longer having
> fun??  and there seems to be a number of people who
> would welcome my departure (heck, from the whole
> DeLorean community I would bet).  However, I have hope
> that "this too shall pass".
> Anyone care to join me in taking a chill?
> No need to reply to this message..  Your answer will
> be obvious by the decrease in list traffic.
> Of course, we can still talk DeLoreans.  :)
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