[DMCForum] attn Marc Levy. Claude is at it again.
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[DMCForum] attn Marc Levy. Claude is at it again.

Hey lads,

Marc, thought you might be interested to see this latest post to
Claude's forum. He seems to be replying to a post by you - but it
seems a bit doctored, or even simply completely fabricated. You have
to wonder does this guy have anything better to do with his time...


or if you are not a member of that group, here is the message:

From: "cbl1739" <cbl302@...>
Date: Tue Sep 20, 2005  7:40 am
Subject: Legend Turbo cars and others  cbl1739
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Thanks for the info. on the Legend cars.
And thanks for the Kind words.


Marc Le.... <malj@...> wrote:

There have always been three..
528 is a single turbo, it was at DCS in Pigeon Forge.
All 3 have been together, because Rob did the
restoration on 528 at the same time 502 and 530 were
in his shop.. On a few occasions 1860 was there too,
at the same time. (If that matters??)

There is a fourth "legend car" (not 1860), But the location is
Last I checked, 528 is for sale. Rob can put you in
touch with the owner.

I am still pissed at Rob for bringing a bunch of us people
to Connecticut on one of the coldest days of the
winter with a blizzard on the way,(and not giving us a red cent) and
NOT PAYING you extra
for your hard help. At least, Mike was decent and bought
you lunch for your help!

And,Vin# 570 was a a decent car with tons of potential
when it left your building. However, I have no doubt that Chris will
also put the TLC like you did into it,and continue to make this car
better than when it left the factory.(since this was a early car and
they all had flaws)
He will hopefully even (if he has not already) restore
the damaged passenger door,that you never got around to replace.
When I spoke to Chris about his plans for 570 over a
year ago, I told him that Claud saved this car from a ill fate, and
would want the car to be completed,to the highest degree,as he had
planned to do,until he was forced to sell,
.. Sad, very sad.. And he will be suprised at the
plans for this car .


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