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[DMCForum] Re: Alternative fuel.

--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Ryan Wright <ryanpwright@xxxx> wrote:
> Now, here's an idea I've actually mulled over. How much power does a
> typical electric motor used in an EV take when cruising?
> Why couldn't you just use a small diesel generator like this along
> with a small bank of 4 to 6 batteries for emergency "boost" power to
> drive an electric motor? Don't couple the generator to the wheels like
> today's hybrids do; use it purely to power an electric motor.
> Unless the electric motor uses more than 30KW while cruising?
> -Ryan

This can be done. We see this on a large scale with Diesel/Electric
locomotives. VERY interesting technology. While you have a seperate
generator(s) in the back to power things such as air compressors,
electrical accessories, etc, the D/E Hybrid motor set up has been in
use since like the 40's 50's.

You take a huge 12 cylinder diesel engine, and couple that up to a
generator. This thing generates electricty that powers electric motors
on the trucks down below, and propell the entire locomotive. What's
also cool, is that these things also have an electric jake brake of
sorts. Imagine regenetive braking on your regular hybrid, but instead
of the power being used to charge a battery pak, the electricity is
"burned off" by a bunch of coils that heat up, and an exhaust fan that
blows the hot air out of the top of the locomotive. The common
description is that it's like a giant hair-dryer, which is pretty
accurate. The electic motors that drive the wheels then become
generators durring this process of braking. And the more power the
heating coils demand, the more load the generators have to endure, and
demand more torque to keep up with the process. Hence they become
harder to turn, and then act as a brake.

I had heard a couple of years ago, some truck manufacturer in the UK
had modified some lorries (semi trucks) to run off of an experimental
Diesel/Electic hybrid powertrain. I don't have any specifics, let
alone know who was supposed to have made them. But the rumor was that
they were pulling down anywhere from 22-25MPG. Now that might not seem
like much of an improvement. However, consiter that a straight diesel
53' tractor/trailer hauling 80,000 lbs. of cargo currently gets about
6-8MPG. That is one hell of an improvement for the same vehicle, but
with only a powertrain modification to get that kind of a milage
inprovement, and still be able to have the same torque & power output,
while running on the same fuel.


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