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On 9/19/05, Josh Porter <joshp1986@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The reason why people are leaving is that this is a DeLorean group not
> a crumpy old lady group. The reason that I guit the first time was
> that there is a LOT of argueing over non-DeLorean related things, like
> politics, oil companies, Forbes, DMCH, etc. Now, I'm used to all the
> argueing but for some people it gets old and they don't feel like
> putting up with it like I used to feel. Now, I can't see myself away
> from you guys, man I sound like my mom but this is where my best
> friends and "family" are at. Once a topic comes up we stay on it for a
> month or so. It gets really boring reading the same thing in a
> different version for 30 days. I have had a few owners that have told
> me that is the reason that they have left or are thinking of leaving.

Yeah, but come on. How is the DML any better? It's just the same old
DeLorean discussions over and over again. I mean, I love the people
over there, a great bunch of folks who help me out a lot. But there's
no camaraderie (did I spell that right?).

Sure, there's a lot of arguing and bitching going on over here right
now, but I still like everyone here. If we all got together right now
I could shake everyone's hands, sit around and have a beer and
continue BSing - as friends. You know what would happen if I got
together with everyone on the DML today? I'd sit around and feel
stupid because I don't know anybody. What do I say to people? Who are
they, and what are their interests? How do they view the world around
them? Who knows, I never get the chance to talk to them on a personal
level. So meeting in person wouldn't be much different than meeting a
complete stranger, with all the involved formalities, small talk, etc.
Then by the time you get to know somebody the event is over and it's
time to go home.

For all of the crappy conversations and fighting I think most people
here here generally feel some sort of friendship with one another. I
know I do.

Do we have to take that away because some people don't wish to be a
part of it? Can't we remain a small group of friends with the freedom
to say whatever we please? Why don't people just delete the stuff they
don't want to read?

It can't be the traffic. The DML produces countless more messages than
this forum. So it must be the content. People should delete the
content they don't like. And for anyone who whines "It's too much to
delete!", do you actually read every message that comes through the
DML? Every day I spend half an hour digging through that forum
deleting threads that don't interest me, and I'm sure most others do
the same. See, it's OK for people if they're deleting mild content -
that doesn't bother them. It's when strong viewpoints that contradict
their own pop up that they get mad, whine, and for whatever reason
suddenly become unable to just delete it and move on.

I can't just delete it and move on either, as you know I always have
to get my five bucks worth in, but I'm not sitting here whining about
it either.

If my posts don't make a lot of sense tonight it's because I'm tired
and half asleep...



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