RE: [DMCForum] Gas alternatives, then? (Martin)
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RE: [DMCForum] Gas alternatives, then? (Martin)

Yea, I ended up with the Nissan Titan Crew Cab.  The friends and family deal
meant for quite a significant savings as well.  I don't tow at all right
now, but when I get into that I will most definitely look at the F250 again.
If I were towing a lot, or constantly, I would definitely have the diesel.
I have heard rumors of Nissan eventually offering the Titan with a diesel.

With a fiberglass top and the bed loaded with crap, I get close to 17 MPG on
the interstate around 80 MPH.  My previous truck, a little Nissan, had much
lower gas mileage even when empty.

I have heard that a cold air induction kit will be good for a few more miles
per gallon and will give that a try soon.


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What truck did you end up with? the Nissan?  Our F250 now that I
reprogrammed it is getting 20-22mpg in city traffic and 22-23mpg highway
based on 4 months of data.  Now we do have the 4.11 rear end which hurts
the mileage, but towing a 4000lb GMC truck from Tampa to Ft. Myers (115
miles) @ 75mph most of the trip I got just under 20mpg.  With no load I
run the high power program and can smoke both rear tires a good 15ft.

With the current prices our payback on the VAN for the diesel engine
moved from 30k miles to 50k which we did in 1.5years. Now we are actuly
at the point where we are saving on fuel costs.  This also takes into
account the higher cost for oil changes.  All the other maintnance is
the same or less, no ignition system to worry about, and a 1min fuel
filter change with it on top of the engine.


timnagin wrote:

>In my case it would have been more expensive to operate with the higher
>of diesel.  I was wrong on the $10k difference though, it was more around
>$7k higher for the diesel engine.
>My intention was to run biodiesel in the truck but I travel too much and
>would have to use regular diesel while out of town.  The insurance for the
>diesel truck was also higher, as was the maintenance cost.  The MPG of the
>diesel was very close, if not exact, to what I am getting now burning
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>Would it have?  I always thought Diesel trucks got
>more MPG than their gasoline equivalents.  Even if the
>cost of diesel fuel is a bit higher, it should be less
>money per mile.  no?
>--- timnagin <timnagin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>Soon after I purchased my current vehicle, the price
>>of diesel fuel in my
>>area jumped higher than gasoline.  I would have had
>>a much more expensive
>>vehicle which cost more to operate.


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