[DMCForum] Re: Greasel/biodiesel conversion for DeLoreans
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[DMCForum] Re: Greasel/biodiesel conversion for DeLoreans

The only thing that I've ever heard of the PRV having any *relation*
to diesel engines, is the fact that the piston liners are "wet
jacket" types, and contact water directly. Otherwise, their not even
drop-in types.

As for converting a gasoline engine to diesel, it is not a sucessful
prospect. And that is because of the intensely high compression
ratios that diesels use. We're running 8.8:1, and typical diesel is
anywhere from 17:1, up to 28:1, depending upon the application. So
just imagine the problems we've had with turbo charging, and past
compression with the PRV...

GM tried this back in 1981-'84 with their Cadillac Seville diesel,
when they bolted higher compression heads to a gasoline short block,
to try and convert it to diesel. It failed miserably. The gasoline
engine just couldn't handle the strain.

Boiling grease isn't nessarry. A couple cups of lye, and a gallon or
so of methanol, and you could produce the same results, in allot
safer, cheaper environment.

About diesel fuel. Even if the stuff isn't as flamable as gasoline,
the BTU factor is so much more higher if it does catch! And with a
side saddle tank like you mention, if a fuel cell did rupture, the
clean up is still intense. Even if not as toxic as it's petroleum
counterpart, it's still slick oil!

As far as a compatable engine, you're pretty much limited to whatever
will fit inside, and whatever intercoolers you could mount, and where.


--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "cruznmd" <racuti1@xxxx> wrote:
> Since the nasty political tone has disappeared from this thread for
> now, I have some questions of my own some of which Martin may be
> to answer. I may have asked in the past but forget the answer.
> 1. Rumor was, the PRV was originally a diesel. True? Was the V6
> version ever a diesel? Could it be converted?
> 2. If the PRV could be modified for this fuel, the "grease" tanks
> could probably be inserted into the rear pontoons without much
> hassle. Consider; veg oil is not explosive so the tanks don't
> central location or heavy shielding.
> 3. If the PRV could not be converted, is there a compatible diesel
> engine that would easily mate up to our transmission?
> 4. Since diesels cause combustion by compression (no spark), does
> that mean that their compression pressures are much higher?
> I'd definitely be willing to boil grease if I owned a normal home
> got out of this townhouse. I'd also be willing to flout the law if
> burning grease for fuel became illegal. What are they going to do?
> Pull over every single car and run a chemical test? Semi trucks are
> one thing, but chasing every single citizen trying to save a buck
> when they're not stealing or harming anyone is crazy.
> Rich A.


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