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re: [DMCForum] Re: Gas alternatives, then? (Martin)

well my plant alone uses 1500 gallons a week in our furnace.  Plus I fill my truck off of the off road diesel we use ( a buck eighty here in FL).  The new energy bill allows 53 cents a gallon tax credit for bio manufacture.  I figure there is enough savings for my business to warrant looking into it.

Jack Stiefel - Tampa, FL
DMC VIN 03461

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Biodiesel isn't that hard to make. It's just that the equipment can
potentially be expensive for the initial investment. Lye rendering
looks to be much cheaper, and not to mention safer, than heat
rendering to remove the gylcerine. Plus the lye rendering solution
system can also enable you to wash the fuel, and clean it even

Or you could always just go to Costco, or Sam's Club, and compare the
price of bulk corn and fry oil to diesel fuel.

Biodiesel is a solid solution for our fuel, and air quality issues.
However, since the price of regular diesel keeps creeping up so high,
diesel vehicles are a real turn-off to your average consumer. We'll
see where this goes though. If biodiesel becomes more popular, watch
for the government to ban it.

Because after all, we don't pay road taxes on fuels that we
manufacture ourselves. And if you think that private consumer fuels
are expensive, take a gander at commercial fuel prices, because of
the levies that the Fed places on trucking lines.

To compare diesel to gasoline, compare fuel economy on a 4x4 Ford
Excursion. Gasoline is like 8-14mpg, while diesel is ranging 17-24mpg
or so.


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> Yes my Diesel in my Ram gets 15 mpg average pulling 8000 lbs almost
> day.  It also has 325 or so HP and 610 foot pounds of torque.  My
Hemi with
> only 20 or so more hp and lots less torque got around 9 mpg.
> We are actually working on making bio diesel here at work.  We use
> 1500 gallons a week and have been contacting the various companies
> equipment and the latest in tech.
> Jack Stiefel - Tampa, Fl
> DMC Vin 03461
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> Would it have?  I always thought Diesel trucks got
> more MPG than their gasoline equivalents.  Even if the
> cost of diesel fuel is a bit higher, it should be less
> money per mile.  no?
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> > Soon after I purchased my current vehicle, the price
> > of diesel fuel in my
> > area jumped higher than gasoline.  I would have had
> > a much more expensive
> > vehicle which cost more to operate.
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