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[DMCForum] Re: Gas alternatives, then?

I helped a friend convert one of my former diesels, mainly by setting
him up with all the parts. I've talked it over with him many times
since the conversion was made. It is an amazing setup. I was envious
as hell for even selling the car once I learned of this.

There are 2 main options to use. 1, you can convert your entire stock
tank to run on veggie oil, and use a small 3 or 6 gallon auxiliary
tank of regular diesel for the warmup and shutdown cycles. There is a
bit more work involved in that method, but the upside is you can haul
more veggie oil around with you.

The other more popular, and easier method it to keep you stock tank
running pure diesel, and do what I am going to do which is add an
auxiliary 12 gallon veggie oil tank. It has a tank heater that is
hooked up off your cooling system to warm the grease to a proper
temperature, along with an extra temp gauge in the car for the grease
tank. Once you have reached 160-170 degrees, you flip a switch tp
start using veggie oil instead of diesel. You then drive like normal,
just about 10 minues before you shut down the engine you flip back to
regular diesel to purge the lines and injectors of and grease
residue. The you are using your main tank for only warmup and
shutdown cycles.Your tank of diesel can last 5 months or more going
like this. That is the short and sweet version.

And to process the veggie oil, you simply heat it, filter it several
times, then store it.

When I go full blown, I hope to pick up some spare 55 gallon
hydraulic oil drums, clean them out, then use them as my veggie oil
depository till the rabbit needs more free gas.

I've already talked with several restaurants that will all willingly
give me their cooking oil so they don;t half to dispose of it. Even
the local chinese restaurant will give me as much as I can handle.

Then I just take it home, heat it, filter it, then store it.

My version of saying screw OPEC ad the greedy Big Oil that is ruining
this world.

I feel comfortable doing this to $1,000 diesel rabbits, but might
have a bit of an issue doing this to a new $30,000 TDI Passat.

I've considered buying a Prius, and maybe waiting for the plug in
conversion kits to become available, but the greasel conversions, are
just cheaper in the long run, till maybe plug in hybrids, or serial
hybrids can finally see the light of day through the big black oil
cloud that distorts our governments ability to think.

A serial hybrid with a 2 cylinder diesel powering batteries to drive
electric motors would be the ideal solution to an oil crisis using
technology that is available today, instead of buying into the
hydrogen hype. Hydrogen may one day be the future, but for for a
least a decade or two, if that. Vertain people in government like to
tout hydrigen as a fix for our energy crisis, because the answer is
an easy one that lets them avoid the current problems of today.

Aak, I gotta stop before I start preaching about Peak Oil and all the
other issues we have brewing.

I'll keep the group posted on the status of my greasel conversion


Joe O'Brien

16851, all driving off of 65 million year old oil that is running out!

--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Marc Levy <malevy_nj@xxxx> wrote:
> You have done this before?  Can you discuss the
> process of finding someone to give you the oil?
> transporting it home?  then processing it for use as
> fuel?
> Thanks
> --- Joe OBrien <joeyoseppijoe@xxxx> wrote:
> > Well I for one am in the process in the next month
> > or so to convert a
> > nice Diesel Rabbit I bought off eBay.
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