RE: [DMCForum] Re: Wow, good thing I *STILL* have not purchased BTTF on
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RE: [DMCForum] Re: Wow, good thing I *STILL* have not purchased BTTF on DVD.

Some of us are sheep, I have BTTF on every format it was ever offered in.
Laser, Betamax, VHS.....

However, if you want to get one over on the DVD people,
here is a goody....

Search and download both "DVD Dycrypter" and "DVD Shrink".
They are both free.
This will allow you to take a dual layer 8.5GB movie and recompress it down
fit onto a regular 4.7GB DVD-R.
You get the menus and everything and you can usually not tell that anything
was even done - it looks original.
Now, if you happen to copy a single layer movie then you will get a 1:1

I have a Blockbuster Movie Pass which lets you get 2 movies at a time
whenever you want.
It only takes about an hour or two to copy a movie and the DVD-R blanks I
buy are about
.30 each.
Let's just say I have an extensive collection of movies I have yet to watch.
Now before you go calling the FBI on me, remember the "Home Video Recording
which allows an individual to record a movie for personal use as long as not
for distribution
or public exhibition.
Been there, done that. (in a court room even)

However, all that said you will also notice that you can not find the DVD's
of the BTTF collection
for rent, they only have the old VHS copies.
...I wonder why?

- Videobob

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>Subject: [DMCForum] Re: Wow, good thing I *STILL* have not purchased BTTF
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>... and the movie studios wonder why people just download things
>instead of buying them. Gee, maybe because you violate us every chance
>you get?
>I, of course, won't buy this. I already paid $45 for the first set
>(which, incidentally, had a bad transfer that Universal had to be
>bullied into fixing, and even then refused to acknowledge they screwed
>up). These bastards milk the public for every last dime.
>At least the LOTR people were up front about it, so those of us who
>wanted the director's editions (me) could wait for them instead of
>buying the same movie twice.

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