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[DMCForum] Re: OBD II (Rich Acuti)

OBD II is totally meaningless to me -- my vehicles have no sensors or
computers to begin with! Touting it's advantages makes as little sense
as selling tires to a sailboat captain. Any troubleshooting on my
fleet (which let's be honest is really quite infrequent) is done with
a couple of hand held gauges and meters.

Doesn't it cost $50 or so just to hook a car up to one of those
diagnostic computers? For that kind of money I can simply replace the
suspect part! (Alternator for my AMC: $39.95, lifetime warranty. Power
steering pump for the truck: $69.95. Edelbrock carburetor new in the
box: $239.00)

The single largest problem I have is lack of time to wash & vacuum.
That's it. (Properly washing & vacuuming a Lincoln takes 2-3 hours).
Yes, I have convenience items not yet repaired, body work not yet
done, etc, but as we speak I can pick any key from my big ring, jump
in the attendant vehicle, and drive to California.

The day the Nazi's take over and try to force me to drive a computer
controlled vehicle is the day I dust off my Schwinn.

Bill Robertson

>--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "cruznmd" <racuti1@xxxx> wrote:
> Quite true. One of the main points of OBD II (Onboard Diagnostics II)
> is ease of troubleshooting and to ensure compliance with Federal
> emissions regulations.
> OBD II which is (I believe) a Federal standard in the United States.
> To tamper with it is illegal. Back to the main point though, with the
> proper computer diagnostic equipment, you can test hordes of engine
> parts, and even activate solenoids and valves through it. It's
> supposed to make troubleshooting a snap.
> Actual -replacement- of the faulty part is a whole other issue.
> Bill, if you think OBD II is bad, Congress is discussing
> making "black box" recorders mandatory for vehicles in the U.S. If
> you get in a wreck, your vehicle data (speed, heading, braking) can
> be used against you in a court of law. It would of course, be a
> Federal offense to tamper or disconnect it.
> The day that shit becomes law is the day I buy Julie's Gremlin X
> because I'm already sick of the way gov't intrudes into my life. I'll
> never buy a new vehicle with that crap in it. Especially when I can
> mount all-disc brakes, an ABS computer and air-bag technology in cars
> like old Mustangs, etc.
> Rich A.
> #5335
> --- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "timnagin" <timnagin@xxxx> wrote:
> > ...and for way less than $300.00 I bet someone could have connected
> a
> > diagnostics computer to the car and know what was wrong in a way
> less than
> > forever and a day. <snip>

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