[DMCForum] The Mask (More ignition analysis)
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[DMCForum] The Mask (More ignition analysis)

Ok, figure this one out:

With the wife and kids out of town, I've had nothing but 2 glorious
days of peace to ponder this issue. I've been feeling the behavior of
the car while driving to and from work. Something keeps drawing me
back to timing advance; Too much, too little, too fast (missing
weights or springs), too slow (gummed up inside)...not sure which.

I came home today and whipped out my shiny timing light and began to
examine the vacuum advance in detail. If I'm doing it right, it only
seems to do 2 steps of advance, and too much of it but again, I want
someone to read the tach while I do this. Maybe I'm not gentle enough.

1100-ish RPM's: 10 OR 20 degrees. (I was trying to get off of the
micro switch.)
1500-ish RPM's: off the scale, say around 40 degrees. The manual
calls for: 20 degrees at 15" Hg, incrementing in 3 steps, not two.

I then proceeded to take some of Martin's G's advice and try to clean
out the dizzy again in case something was gummed up. I sprayed a
little contact cleaner in the distributor because I've seen it eat
varnish and gunk off of electrical items so well. This was an -
instant- improvement, but still at about 1/2 to 3/4 of pedal travel
there was bogging now combined with "herk 'n jerk". When I feather
the throttle, it now has much better acceleration than it did before
I sprayed the cleaner in the dizzy, as long as I don't exceed
that "bog point" with the throttle pedal. (BTW: the "bog point" moves
closer to the floor, the higher the RPM'S so you can slowly press the
pedal down as you accelerate)

Still not satisfied, but having a suspicion, I put my old, blue coil
in yet again, with the old ballast resistor, and what happens?
Flawless. Not a stutter, jerk or stumble. Full power pulling away,
and full power with the pedal to the floor. At least it's running
correctly now.

What gives? Why doesn't my car accept any kind of coil? This is my
5th new one. The others were Accel and some no-name brand but this
one is a Bosch 18k volt coil. A minor upgrade compared to the MSD's
and Pertronix some of you guys are running.

One thing's sure: I haven't fixed this problem, only masked it.

Rich A.

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