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[DMCForum] Re: Child Car Seats In A DeLorean

In Florida, the fence (or alarm) was required only on NEW
construction after a certain date (not sure of the date).   If your
house doesn't have a fence or alarm then it was not required to have
one.  No pool builder is allowed to build a pool without installing
the fence or an alarm system and they would fail final inspection.

Florida already had a fence law.  The screen cage counted as a fence
though.  If you didn't have the screen, you would have to fence your
yard.  The screen should not be easy for a kid to get through.  The
handles on the door have to be above 5 feet or so.  The door handles
also have locks.  Unless the kid is carrying a knife it wouldn't be
easy to get through the screen. In reality, if a kid can get into
your screen he can probably get through the fence.  The big farce
about the fence is that most people own patio furniture down here
and all a kid has to do is scoot a chair over to the fence and
he/she is in the pool.  I've watched kids do it.  They don't even
think twice about it.

Jack, its great that you like your fence but what if you don't have
kids.  What if you live in a retirement community where no one has
kids.  Is it your responsibility to protect the world from yourself?

Again, I think everyone is thinking I'm going to toss my kid on the
cargo shelf and cruise around town with him.  I'm not and never
intended to.  I saw the picture and wondered if this was a system
that could be bought.  If it was then I would consider having one in
the rare case that I need to take my kid somewhere and all I have to
driver is the Delorean.  (I have 2 other cars so this is unlikely) I
can always put him in the passenger seat but having him in the
center of the car would be safer (away from the doors in a side

--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Jack Stiefel" <jackstiefel@xxxx>
> One thing to remember about Florida.  I just moved here and have
an in
> ground pool and in other parts of the country I lived there was a
fence law
> requiring a fence to be put up around the pool area to protect
> people, not these screens but a real honest to goodness fence.  It
seems in
> Florida there is no such law, therefore the only protection would
be the
> pool fence.  These screen enclosures we have here are just fine
for keeping
> out critters and such, but a screen door is easily opened by a
kid.  I just
> had my pool, fence installed last week and could not be happier,
in fact I
> thought it was already law down here.  Someone tell me if I am
wrong here as
> I am still new. 
> I for one would never put my kids in the parcel shelf, I Love them
too much.
> Oh also many newer School Busses do have seat belts for the kids --
if they
> use them is unknown to me, but they are there.
> Jack Stiefel
> www.fmtimemachine.com
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> > Here is a pic:
> > http://www.entermyworld.com/custom/efset2.html
> As I said, dangerous and illegal.
> > But your reply is so typical of people these days who believe
> > laws are passed to protect us. 
> I don't believe that at all. Most laws are bullshit. I am the last
> person to blindly follow laws. In fact I am known for shocking
> with my ability to think for myself and flat out ignore laws I
> are stupid.
> I do believe that, should you get into an accident, your child
> die quite easily in that location. Have you done the engineering
> to understand the impact forces a DeLorean would receive, and what
> that could do to a 10 to 30 pound child sitting in that location?
> are you going to tie the seat down securely, and more importantly,
> you understand exactly what those mount points you select could do
> an accident? Are they going to hold? Will they buckle, pull down,
> break the mount points on the seat, thus sending it through the
> windshield or anywhere else in the passenger compartment?
> I bet any random cop in the U.S. would issue a big fat ticket for
> something like this.
> > How is it that you and I have to go to expense and trouble of
> > car seats when kids ride on a school bus (or any mass transit
> > that matter) every day with not even a seat belt. 
> It's a matter of weight. Buses are huge. Big giant machines. Seat
> belts aren't required in vehicles of this size for one major
reason -
> the vast majority of accidents would scarcely affect the
passengers on
> a bus. We're talking about a vehicle weighing half a dozen tons
> colliding with a vehicle weighing a couple tons at most. Sure, the
> passengers on the bus will get bumps and bruises and may be
> from their seats, but life threatening injuries while riding on a
> are fairly uncommon.
> A car, on the other hand....
> > Car seats do save
> > lives but the reason they are required by law has more to do
> > political lobbying than rational thinking.  So the fact that
> > something is "illegal" doesn't immediately make it a bad idea. 
> That's a load of BS and you know it. Most accidents would
> kill a loose child. No rational person would toss an infant in the
> back seat and drive off. Requiring children to be properly secured
> perfectly rational thinking.
> > A good example of stupid laws that are meant to protect us: 
> > fences around swimming pools. 
> We aren't talking about swimming pools. But since you bring it up,
> mostly agree with you.

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