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Re: [DMCForum] Passing Gas

Possible, but pointless. It's all about the conservation of energy. The
more time you convert energy, the less efficient the system. You burn
gas to drive your car. Now you're talking about burning gas to drive a
generator to charge batteries to power your motor to drive the car.....

Which do you think will use more fuel?

You can't easily compare the performance of an electric motor against a
petrol engine. Power to weight is always better on a petrol engine, but
you have fantastic torque at your disposal from a large electric motor.
For example: My direct injection turbo diesel Citroen puts out 250Nm of
torque at maximum (3500rpm IIRC). The two electric motors that drive our
robot put out over 20Nm at stall (max torque in an electric motor is
always at stall) - and they each weigh 3.5kg.

With the right motor, even though HP figures are tiddly (our motors are
  2.5kW each which is a shade over 3hp), you can use the torqe (Luke)
and  get fantastic accelleration way in excess of anything reasonable
from a roadgoing petrol engine. I remember reading an article about
electric dragsters out accellerating petrol ones over 1/8th of a mile.
With a bootfull of Hawker red tops costing over $100 each....

Do you guys have LPG cars over there yet?


cruznmd wrote:

> I'm going to pose a possible project. It may dumb, it may not but
> here it is:
> I love my car. I like it stock. I like it historically correct. That
> said, gas prices are out of control. I've accepted that to enjoy my
> car for 20 more years I may have to modify it.
> As a submariner, I've seen what it takes to make a submarine
> independent from the outside world. I have a decent grasp of many
> kinds of systems, I have lots of ideas.
> I have a few ideas for a hydrogen powered car but I don't think I can
> carry them off. But what about a hybrid DeLorean?
> Some of you guys are smart with numbers and devices so let me put the
> following questions to you:
> How large would an electric motor have to be to give a DeLorean an
> equivelant of 150 hp @ stock torque values? I saw the one in
> the "Tilly" photos. It looked small. I want it to mate to the stock
> transmission.
> How large would a bank of HIGH quality, long-lasting batteries have
> to be to power the car and all it's loads for about 80 miles?
> How many hp and how many volts/amps would a generator pack have to be
> to charge the battery and supply the maximum electrical load during
> operation of the car?
> I'm thinking of a stacked approach: 1st layer is the electric
> motor/tranny and perhaps the generator pack. Build a platform above
> it to hold batteries. Keep the fuel tanks for the generator. Remove
> the cooling system up front, and perhaps more batteries up front in
> place of the cooling system.
> Is it possible?
> Rich A.

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