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[DMCForum] Re: CO2 E & F Series, Etc.

Bad news Martin: I'm looking at a page from Volvo literature right
now. CO2 is 2.0% on B27E and B28E, including Sweden & Australia. Is
1.7% on B27F through 1976, dropping to 1.0% thereafter and B28F. I'll
get the page scanned later today an upload it.

Regarding advanced base ignition time for emissions: When I mentioned
this last year, people jumped all over my case. Is one of the reasons
I quit the Forum. Now you're saying the same thing! Go figure.
Domestic auto manufacturers *DEFINITELY* 100% unequivocally inarguably
(etc) did this in the late 1970's. I know because I have identical
engines spanning three years if production. Every year base ignition
time was scooted up a degree or two, with a corresponding drop in
performance (screwed up overall ignition advance)

BTW: Not all emissions are tested at idle. I watched the state of
Virginia do it to my little brother last year on a treadmill at speed
for 20 minutes or so.

Volvo alternators are located where DeLo exhaust swings around to the
muffler. I do believe Wilhelm specifically asked about "F Series"
(Volvo) engines... Same comment Re: oil pans.

I never wondered about "why" the series 038 CPR, I just wanted to
ensure it was proper for my block before spending $75 on another one
(remember: I asked you BEFORE I started buying my own factory
literature). My spare 038 is currently in service on Louie's otherwise
stock DeLo engine. I think he's become rather enamored of it. Wonder
if I'll ever see it again (without popping HIS louvers)? If my
carbureted swap works out OK, will be a moot point.


Bill Robertson

>--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Martin Gutkowski <martin@xxxx> wrote:
> >
> > - Advanced base ignition time (with correspondingly lighter
> > counterweight?)
> Emissions are tested at idle.
> >
> >
> > - Relocated alternator
> No, thats where Renault put it.
> >
> > - Shallower oil pan
> Nonsense - there are actually spacers on the oil pickup making the pan
> approx 1" deeper than the Renault ones.
> >
> >
> > - Much richer fuel mixture (2% CO2)
> No, the E was set up to 1.5% WE set up to 2% sometimes when the engine
> "likes" it. This is within tolerance. 2% co at idle does not constiture
> a "much richer" mixture. The mixture adjustment screw has very little
> effect higher in the rev range.
> >
> > - Series 038 CPR versus Series 066 -- closes much more slowly (~160
> > degrees) and exerts slightly less counter pressure. Vacuum enrichment
> > is *MUCH* simpler
> And you never stopped to wonder WHY there are these differences.
> me they didn't do it for the hell of it. Vacuum enrichment on the
038 is
> very slight - something like 0.2bar drop in control pressure - not even
> enough to read on a gas analyser at idle! The 066 drops control
> by over 1 bar, and makes a big difference.
> >
> >
> > You may have one of the Renault imports (Z7V) that apparently were
> > being marketed out of Ohio in the late 80's. Differences from Volvo E
> > series:
> > - Aluminum fuel distributor with external balancing screws (don't mess
> > with them)
> Only on later ones.
> >
> > - Dampener between the CPR and the fuel distributor
> That was a warrenty item, not on all engines.
> > Z7V uses a one piece upper air assembly. Many more vacuum nipples &
> > ports than Volvo, most of them capped off. CO2 screw access port is
> > threaded and plugged with a washer base machine screw.
> That is actually there on the DeLorean engine, but the upper casting
> not drilled out during assembly meangn you have to drill it out. The
> Volvos also have this screw
> > No place to
> > attach an idle microswitch.
> That's because it didn't use the idlespeed system!!!
> Martin

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