[DMCForum] Re: very frustrated!! - starting problem
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[DMCForum] Re: very frustrated!! - starting problem

Hi Brian,

First, I'd like to say that the "click, click, click" is your RPM
relay. One of the contacts is bent just enough to resist the magnetic
pull of the relay and won't hold. I bought a brand-new one that did
exactly that. 2 seconds with a pair of needle-nose pliers and it's
been fine ever since. The relay is a timed, single-relay, double-
contact type. Look in your manual to find it. If it's OEM, it's
green. My new one is black. Either way it's large and rectangular
with a large wiring harness plugged into it. You can pry the case off
the relay and observe it's behavior before you go bending anything.

Second, the sound of the fuel pump changes depending on how much fuel
you have in your tank (at least for me). How much gas do you have? Is
your sender working? Let's break it down a bit:

Electrically, check:

1. Voltage at the pump. Jumper contacts 37 to 80 at the RPM relay.
Measure the voltage at the pump. Listen for noise while you're there.

2. No voltage? Check your fuel pump ground, your intertia safety
switch, and the RPM relay wiring harness.

Fuel system, check:

1. Does the car fire off with a shot of starting fluid? If so, most
likely a loss of fuel pressure.

2. No? Check for spark at a spark plug. Yes? No?

Post your results and we'll go from there.

Regarding your RPM relay again...for me, the contact that was
slipping in the relay was the one for the lambda relay and hence the
ECU. The fuel pump contact closed correctly and the fuel pump ran as
it should so the car would start and run. If you have the OPPOSITE
problem, your lambda relay contact is closed as it should be but your
FUEL PUMP contact is only closed intermittantly. This could be the
problem, as the fuel pump is "on/off, on/off on/off" but I've never
heard of it happening. Hell, I've never even heard of MY problem
happening to anyone else, let alone with a brand new relay like I
have. It's worth looking into as the RPM relay should be fixed anyway.

Rich A.

--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Brian" <TK581@xxxx> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Well, over the past few weeks I revamped my fuel tank system with a
> new pump and lines!  It worked ut great and the car performs great
> (except for a few shutters here and there which I suspect may be a
> vacuum leak somewhere)
> ANYWAY... I started the car in the driveway the other evening and
> sprang to life on the first try.  It sat there idling for a minute
> or so then died!  I attempted to start it again with no luck.  It
> as if the engine was not getting any fuel.  I kept trying then got
> bit frustrated and let it be for the night.  The next day I tried
> again and still no luck.  I hear a series of clicking sounds from
> the electricalcompartment (not the usual 'one' but a click, click,
> click)  could this an electrical issue? 
> I also listened to the fuel pump when I turned the ignition key. 
> sounds like it gets juice but it doesn't 'whine' like it should. 
> Again, the pump is brand new and it ran great for a few days before
> this.  I'm kind of at a loss because I know for sure what went into
> the fuel fix and I can't see any rreason why this is happening.
> I miss my car running :(
> thanks in advance if anybody has a suggestion.
> Brian
> 11280

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