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Re: [DMCForum] Re: douchebags

I agree with Louie. Anything I read from this man is automatically
disregarded. No one should sell your DeLorean to this man who is looking
for a "cheeper" (sic) one. Not if you care about it. Let Mr Corbett and
Claude and people like them enjoy a future lit by brightly burning
bridges. I for one want nothing to do with any such amoral people who,
among other things, invoke the name of God to try to clothe themselves.


Louie G wrote:
> You know Sean, you actually remind me more of the South Park Episode
> where John Edward was named "The Biggest Douche In The Universe" more
> than you remind me of JZD. You know... the episode where the South
> Park kids kept calling out "psychic" John Edward for trying to
> decieve the world, and all he kept responding with was "GODAMMIT I'M
> SPECIAL!!!!" Get over yourself dude... your comparing your stupidity
> and naivety to JZD's career is not only insulting all of our
> intelligence, it's a slap in the face for JZD, the DeLorean car, and
> it's community. I just can't believe that you have to balls to
> continue comparing your mishaps with John DeLorean's lifelong career.
> Unlike you, he's in the history books. He'll always be remembered in
> pop culture. He left a lasting legacy, and changed history more
> deeply than I think we'll ever be able to account for. Whether or not
> he did the things he was tried for is pure conjecture though, so I
> stay away from forming an opinion on what I think might have
> happened. All I do know is it's a damn tragedy that he didn't get to
> continue what he started out to do. Your "contributions" however
> won't be missed. The world doesn't need someone to sell cars online
> that they've never seen, or could even prove existed. That's just
> pure stupidity and lack of common sense, what JZD was a small miracle
> of sorts. I couldn't care less if you stay or leave around here. As a
> DeLorean owner and enthusiast you're welcome here any time. All I
> know is your comparisons with JZD are laughable and need to end.
> -Louie
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