[DMCForum] Re: Flat acceleration curve/Fuel system issues- Need advice
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[DMCForum] Re: Flat acceleration curve/Fuel system issues- Need advice


Yes, I did this on your advice not long after "the great headgasket
disaster". I also just checked the advance with the timing light a
few days ago.

There's more to this story than I've told. I just didn't want to make
my post too long. Here's the short version:

1. August '03: After the headgasket thing, the car ran so-so. It got
progressively worse. I replaced the fuel filter that was on the car
when I bought it (yes I'm dumb). Mud came out. Also replaced pick-up
filter in tank.

2. Sept/Oct '03: I installed a seperate set of cleaned injectors. Car
ran GREAT!
It got progressively worse after a month or so.

3. Dec '03: Fuel test rig showed all pressures in spec. Dave S. ran
his miracle-cure through the fuel distributor & injectors with
pressure rig. Car ran GREAT. Got worse after a month or so.

4. Jan '03: Mike C. had a set of injectors lying around. He gave them
to me and we installed them. Car ran GREAT. Got progressively worse
after a month.

5. Feb '03: Replaced fuel filter. Almost no solid matter, but fuel in
filter was...grey and weak looking. Replaced pick-up filter. It was
totally brown with solid matter. Drained and wiped out tank. No
debris noted. No floaties. Fuel pump boot could be better.

After a while, the CPR may be plugged up from all this. I've yet to
take it apart and clean it. If the tank is so clean, where is this s$%
t in the pick-up filter coming from? The cleaning product I ran
through the engine yesterday is -NOT- what Dave S. recommended. No
one here carried what he told me to use and it may not have been
strong enough.

I've had the pleasure of driving my car when the engine is right. I
can put my foot through the floor and it didn't sputter and I was
blasting past people. I know it can be that way again.


--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Martin Gutkowski <webmaster@xxxx>
> Did you ever strip and clean your distributor? The bob-weights may
> gummed up and at full throttle there's no vacuum advance, under
> throttle, the vac advance my be compensating for the mechanical
> not working properly
> Martin
> cruznmd wrote:
> >I am at wits' end with my engine right now.
> >
> >I'll describe the main symptom:
> >
> >When accelerating, or under a heavy load like hill-climbing, the
> >engine bucks and the tach jumps a lot(seems to indicated a misfire
> >non-firing of some cylinders). These days I only get about 1/2 to
> >pedal travel before the car does this.
> >
> >If I don't push the pedal beyond the "failure point", the car
> >accelerates smoothly as fast as that much throttle will allow.
> >
> >I have checked the lambda with a dwell meter. Frequency valve
> >away happily. I have tried cleaning the injectors with a special
> >pressure rig that Vixen Dave lent me (engine runs off of the can
> >contents). I have changed filters and tank pickupscreens several
> >times. Mike C. and I have inspected my tank. It's clean with no
> >floaties.
> >
> >Coincidentally, my idle regulator (only 1 year old) hums as is
> >but when you disconnect it with the car running, the idle doesn't
> >jump or change. Idle is rock steady at 800 rpm. Does that mean I
> >a huge vacuum leak somewhere? I can't find one. My brass screws
> >CLOSED and the throttle linkage setscrews are set completely shut.
> >have a new O-ring on the idle regulator tube. I have the brass
> >ring. When I pull the CO screw plug the engine stumbles mightily,
> >which Martin says should happen if all or most of the vacuum leaks
> >are plugged.
> >
> >A fuel pressure test rig is in the mail, but I want to hear what
> >all have to say.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Rich A.
> >#5335
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