[DMCForum] Another FatBoy letter
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[DMCForum] Another FatBoy letter

The following is an e-mail I got from Fatboy.  It shows all
the header information for those of you who like to decode
IPs & such.  Apparently he meant this for the DML, but it
got censored out.

It appears to me that Fatboy's modus operandi is to archive
details about various DeLorean owners and then to mention
these details in his attacks to try to surprise people.  The
guy really seems to take offense to anyone who says anything
bad about the Jag Shop, DMCH or D1.  His attacks totally
lack maturity or even a grain of truth.  Too bad he can't
put his efforts into something that is good for society.


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Subject: Re: [DML] Re: Parts missing/removed from my car at
Jag Shop
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Congratulations Teitelbaum,

You have stuck your head up your ass just like the other
idiots copied in
this response to your recent posting on the DML.

Your mediocre advice is marginal at best and you should
limit your comments
to the amateur garbage you expound.

Stop jumping on the Jag Shop bashing bandwagon because you
haven't a clue
what your talking about.  You sound as stupid as Walter Coe
confirming Tom
Niemczewski's allegations awhile back on the DML about the
Jag Shop.

The archives indicate that Niemczewski's crap car was left
at the Jag Shop
for a significant amount of time because it wasn't running
when it was
brought in on a trailer and Niemczewski's fuel system was
contaminated.  Nevertheless, Walt Coe subsequently looked
into Niemczewskis'
contaminated gas tank and agreed that the Jag Shop had
stolen his crappy
parts.  What a bunch of bullshit!  The Jag Shop, and for
that matter, no
other professional automobile repair facility, had to
allegedly steal
contaminated garbage from Niemczewski's tank because that
used, dirty, junk
had no residual value.  The Jag Shop can buy new parts for
pennies, and the
DML was just repeating lies from two idiots who had
previously posted
information on the List regarding what pieces of crap both
their Delorean
automobiles were and, by the way, still are!  Check the
archives, Siegels'
car is also a piece of crap.  Doesn't a relative of Albert
Siegel own an
auto repair facility of some kind?  If so, why couldn't they
fix his car?

Please keep your uninformed legal opinions to yourself.  One
of these days,
there will be cost effective legal recourse to individuals
and companies
that have been maliciously slandered on the Internet and the
DML archives
will permit injured parties to pull-up past postings and sue
your asses.  In
addition, don't be surprised if the DML moderators are also
sued jointly and
severally for permitting the postings to be printed on the
net without first
confirming the validity of the allegations contained

What a bunch of losers all of you are!


----- Original Message -----
From: David Teitelbaum <snip>
To: <dmcnews@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Friday, October 31, 2003 9:02 PM
Subject: [DML] Re: Parts missing/removed from my car at Jag

> I wouldn't be afraid of him telling you he would sue you
for slander.
> The best defense against that is the truth. If in fact you
call a
> thief a thief that is not slander, that is just a
statement of fact.
> Of course you may have to prove it. Finding others that
had similar
> problems will help show a pattern of behavior. I am sure
you will be
> properly advised by competant counsel. Have your lawyer
send him a
> nice letter stating your position and willingness to
pursue the issue,
> then let him sue the lawyer! He is just bluffing hoping to
get rid of
> you easily. A call to the Better Business Bereau may help
you find
> more "satisfied" customers. In New Jersey all shops are
> Maybe contacting the agency that does that in the State
they operate
> in can get you more of the history of that shop. They may
> intercede on your behalf and help to settle it without
going to court.
> Court is expensive and doesn't always end in a satisfatory
> Besides, if his license to do business is at risk he may
be a whole
> lot more cooperative.
> David Teitelbaum
> vin 10757
> --- In dmcnews@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Albert Siegel" <snip...>
> > Hello everyone.  This is an update to my situation.  I
> attempted to contact the Jagshop to see if matters could
be settled in
> an adult manor, but I was insulted and hung up on twice.
I was also
> told that I was going to be sued for slander if I
attempted to pursue
> this.  I find this comical for someone to threaten to sue
for slander
> when everything said was true.
> rate a repair shop.
> > >
> > > Albert Siegel

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