Re: [DMCForum] Another FatBoy e-mail, for those interested
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Re: [DMCForum] Another FatBoy e-mail, for those interested

I suggest we give this t-shirt to Fatboy. Available in XXXL.


Marc Levy wrote:
> This one was sent to a few people..  Got a few good
> responses too...  But it does show FatBoy's attitude
> towards the non-elite types.
> Oh, and I just re-read it..  I guess we should all be
> looking for "FatBoy" in his FAS tee in Pigeon Forge!
> The fact that someone needs to hide who they really
> are (IMHO) invalidates anything they say.
> From: "FatBoy7" <fatboy7@xxxxxxxxxxx> 
> To: <SNIP>
> Subject: Your Postings on the DML 1-20-04 
> Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 02:51:21 -0800

> Hey, you guys are really great!

> I went to the Delorean Car Show website and saw that
> super Faded Asphalt Society T-shirt.  What a kool
> idea.  Who thought of it?

> Was it Shannon, Louie, Gary, Marc or Ken?  I'm gonna
> get one.

> Since you guys got your collective fingers on the
> pulse of today's Delorean car community, why don't you
> make a couple of more designs so we can really tell
> the world who we are and what we're like?

> How about a Delorean Dork T-shirt?  You know, like
> Jesse James said the Delorean Drill Team looked on
> Monster Garage when they all drove-up in unison to the
> garage to build the Delorean Hover-craft.  The FAS
> T-shirt has a Delorean tire on it and the DDA
> (Delorean Dorks of America) T-shirt could have the DDA
> logo sticking out on the front Delorean grille from
> under a Marine Landing Craft Tread on the beach.  You
> know, like a squashed sand crab under the tire of a
> life-guards jeep. Talk about kool, what could be
> better?

> Hey, wait a minute, I've got it. The Average Joe
> Delorean T-shirt.  You know like Marc said, because
> Average Joe owners are so active in keeping the dream
> alive.  It's really kool to say Delorean owners are
> Average Joes. Great identity and neat too.  Like Louie
> said, "even cars in lower classes could outperform it
> in almost every faction barring sex appeal".

> Now what you can do is put the rear end of a Delorean
> on the back of a really big (like XXXL) T-shirt with a
> really close-up shot of the back-end of the car really
> low down near the bottom so it looks like all Delorean
> owners have big fat butts and then on the front you
> can put a picture of the Delorean owner who is wearing
> the shirt so everybody can see what a fat-assed
> Average Joe Delorean owner looks like. Then, because
> the car is so sexy, Ken could put on an "Average Joe:
> Pigeon Forge show like the "Average Joe:Hawaii show on
> TV last Monday.  After each of the Delorean Drill Team
> Average Joes drive up in formation in their DMC and
> gets out, Ken could have some really good looking
> dudes drive-up in their Porsches, Ferraris and
> Lamborghinis and see who the kool looking babe
> selects.  Now that's sex appeal!

> Betcha it won't be Average Joe Shannon Y.  We all know
> he loves his D, but he still has to maintain his kool
> image with his Civic, Intrepid or Festiva.  I guess he
> only has just enough Average to go around for the D.

> Looking forward to seeing you guys in Pigeon Forge.
> I'll be wearing my FAS T-shirt and buy some of your
> new ones as soon as they hit the net.

> Let's let everybody out there know that the future is
> changing,
> Fatboy
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