RE: [DMCForum] Urp -- Now I Remember Why Gave Up On The Forum
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RE: [DMCForum] Urp -- Now I Remember Why Gave Up On The Forum

Bill, man... don't bother. You're just adding fuel to these guys.
Don't spark the argument. I don't wanna see you leave again. Your
knowledge is too valuable to the rest of us to be lost over more
bullshit bickering. Don't argue. Some things will never be resolved.
Don't give up on the Forum.


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      Oh please...
      Horsepower is a chimera. Remove either torque or RPM from the
      equation, and it vanishes. It ceases to exist. "Horsepower" is
      more than an _expression_ of a certain amount of torque produced
at a
      certain number of engine revolutions.
      Did you not take high school algebra?
      How can I make it any plainer: Torque is measured independent
      RPM's. Torque is certainly measured independent of
      Likewise RPM's are measured independent of torque or
"horsepower". But
      I absolutely defy you to merely express "hosepower" without
both, much
      less try to measure it as some sort of independent force.
Can't be done.
      Bill Robertson
      >--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, ihaveanaccount@xxxx wrote:
      > The village idiot returns.
      > Horsepower measures power, therefore a high horsepower
engine has
      more "power" than a low horsepower engine.
      > The 240HP, 153ftlb F20C engine from honda has the same
torque as the
      Delorean PRV.  The F20C will outperform the PRV every time.
Just shut
      up if you can't figure out what HP is.
      > The audi S-series are fine sports cars, and are luxury as a
      It's more sport than the Delorean or your damn Lincolns will
ever be.
      > Jim
      > "HP is basically a measure of TIME" message 10057
      > -- "content22207" <brobertson@xxxx> wrote:
      > Isn't the key word in your post "turbo"? Houston's engine is
      > forced induction.
      > Plus I hate to point out the obvious, but while an Audi can
be called
      > many things, "sports car" isn't one of them.
      > Torque is the name of the game though, isn't it. Without it,
you don't
      > tow anything. My Ford truck with "only" 170 HP pulled a
5,000 lbs
      > Lincoln over South Mountain (Maryland I-70, ask Mike C or
Rich A about
      > it) with some effort, but still cresting in 2nd gear.
      > Have you noticed all the truck ads on TV tout torque, not
      > Horsepower doesn't mean a thing. It's a playground term for
white boys
      > to toss around in the Autozone parking lot.
      > BTW: what's the GTW of that unit body Audi? May need to take
it easy
      > before you rip the poor thing in half...
      > Bill Robertson
      > #5939
      > >--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Andrew <aos+yahoo@xxxx>
      > > On Tue, 13 Apr 2004, content22207 wrote:
      > >
      > > > A high torque engine operating in a fairly narrow power
band may
      > > > low HP numbers, but is actually more powerful than a low
      > > > rev'ing engine with higher HP numbers. That's one reason
you never
      > see a
      > > > sports car towing a boat trailer.
      > >
      > > Bill is obviously not familiar with Audi turbo engines.
      > >
      > > > Note also that such an engine is useless until it rev's
up to its
      > power
      > > > band -- if you can't get there, you have nothing.
      still, that
      > > > 300 HP sports car hooked to a boat trailer would either
      or burn
      > > > up its clutch/clutch discs, trying to move.
      > >
      > > mmm-hmmm... I've got a 450 horsepower, 580 lb-ft twin
turbo Audi
      > that tows
      > > a 2000 lb trailer just fine, thanks.
      > >
      > > Just giving you a hard time, Bill...  :)
      > >
      > > -andrew
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