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You guys always know how to make me feel better.


Re: weeping oil: I replaced all of those seals when I re-did the head
gaskets. I've checked. It's all coming from the lower half of the
timing chain cover. I think I should clean up the engine really well
and check again to see the exact spots to make sure.

Re: Trans fluid:
I bought 4, .97 liter bottles the size and shape of motor oil
bottles. Castrol. They fit in there well. I was able to completely
drain them.

Re: Wheel bearings:
I can't believe you had to go through all of that. I don't feel so
bad now. Having replaced half my bearings, I'm just going to buy the
other 2. I'm not going to try and repack them.

Re: Teflon lower speedo cable:
I got it from DPNW. (Toby P's new joint)It should arrive today.
Supposed to be stainless steel braided too. That's why it meets the
submarine-tough criteria to be called "whamo-dyne". ;) They have a
limited supply.

Re: Master cylinder:
I agree. Toby P. sells a rebuild kit but every hydraulic piece I've
ever rebuilt just leaks. Either I'm a crappy mechanic or they are
just beyond a rebuild. (No comments please). This is supposed to be
new- not rebuilt. I meant to ask, didn't you have some real trouble
getting all the air out? Do you recommend bench bleeding or was that
part of your problem?

Re: Headliners
Some fellow recently sent me photos of his re-done headliners. He
actually had them done in some sort of leatherette material instead
of fabric. It was unusual, but looked really good!

Rich A.

--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Walter Coe" <Whalt@xxxx> wrote:
> > Today I did an oil change, and I changed out the
> transmission fluid.
> That's always an interesting job to do.  Doing it the first
> time, you never know what you might find.
> > It was brown, really thin and just plain nasty.
> I put some (most likely OEM fluid) in a test tube and
> watched the layers form.  It was really disgusting stuff.
> BTW, how did you get the new oil in there?  There ain't no
> room to tip the bottle.
> > You know, my timing chain cover still weeps oil after I
> put a new
> > gasket with a thin bead of RTV on it. What gives?
> Are you sure it's the timing chain cover?  Could it be an
> o-ring for a cam shaft cover?  Could it be a leaky main
> pulley seal?  Could it be leaky casting plug behind the
> water pump?  I have never been one to add RTV to gaskets.
> On occasion I have used Permatex Form-a-gasket in both the
> hardening & non-hardening varieties.  The biggest problem
> with putting any goo in there is that it lubricates the
> gasket allowing it to pinch and slide out.
> > Someone is sending me an ASI repair manual. How cool is
> that?
> Ice cold.  Someone needs to make an electronic copy for
> online distribution.
> > I have a front wheel bearing that I'm going to replace.
> Hey, I just successfully repacked one.  The rotors had to be
> cut, and when I pulled the hub off, the bearing came apart
> with it.  It was stuck on there so well that I had to rent a
> hub puller to get it off.  Then I needed another puller to
> get the rest of the bearing off the axle.  Luckily the
> sleeve behind it gave me something to grab onto or the inner
> race would have been bent to hell.
> > My new bullet-proof, teflon-whamo-dyne lower speedometer
> cable should
> > arrive any time now.
> Who did you get it from?
> > Lastly, my master cylinder blew so I get to replace that
> now.
> Some emphatic words of advice: get a new one.  Rebuilds
> suck.
> > I can't
> > seem to get to stuff like the windshield or the interior.
> I'm just now getting around to putting inconel TABs on my
> car.  While I'm in there, I'm adding another ground cable.
> This one goes from the bolt on the trailing arm bushing
> (where the negative battery cable goes) to one of the
> muffler brackets.
> > I'm going
> > to be embarassed to bring this car to P/F.
> If it's any consolation, I still have a gray door panel when
> the rest of the interior is black.  I've got little odd jobs
> like that to do all over the car.  But okay, yeah, I can
> hear you already saying that you started with a POS.  Hey,
> you said it, not me.  Imagination is a grand thing.  ;-)
> Walt

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