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Re: [DMCForum] Re: Still "Lievy-ing" around?

You really are a asshole...I try and be nice to you and you come up with tons of innapropriate are a mediocre businessman who clearly doesn't know how to close a deal with courtesy and respect...I am appaled by your lack of self controll...I regret that I even brought up the lot, I thought it would be a good buy but god I am wrong.
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  Sent: Saturday, March 27, 2004 2:52 PM
  Subject: [DMCForum] Re: Still "Lievy-ing" around?

  Re: Still "Lievy-ing" around?

  posted here as the DML is ONE SIDED and Deletes all my replies to
  Defend myself. It just shows how people FEAR the truth.

  Why  you lieing sack of S--t,if he wanted it he should have taken
  it,again another of your web of lies,this is outside,how could it be
  buried?? As stated in the Auction REMOVED in 1984,that tells you
  right away that I am not claiming it as "new" this is something that
  Rob did not want to bother with.I tell you what if HE wants it so bad
  then come up and get it.(if i get a bid then  sorry your time ran
  out  (if any)I never said I was going to be his slave,and remove
  things for him. One of your lies, Again you want it come up and get
  it otherwise stop your web of lies. Anything left behind,by law is
  considered abondoned and not wanted,what the F--k you really think my
  home is your dumping ground,of all the nerve,strip it,then leave it
  up to me to dispose,the orignal intentsion was you people were
  supposed to take ALL ALL and ALL reguardless of condition!!,and NOT
  pick and choose,once you started with the pick and choose,that meant
  anything Left behind was abondoned,Now that you see people want these
  items "now you want them" hey you can't have it both for the
  radiator ROB himself handed me that radiator,and said,he didn't want
  it....5 people and could not get to it give me a brake!! Nobody said
  to get here so late in the morning,Never again will I ever
  ever,trust "Strangers" coming to my house and taking over,I put my
  full trust in you people and you people walked all over me,like it
  was your personal dumping ground.It just shows over and over how you
  people love to lie,with you web of lies.If I really wanted to hide
  things as you claim---would I not have hidden that Loose PERFECT
  drivers side fender,or the Torsion bars(3),those were items of very
  high value,and about a millon other items of high value---no I left
  everything in its place so that they were "untouched".It is quite
  ovious who likes to start Trouble,I only come on to Defend my good
  name from your slander,that you are doing over and over. With your
  web of lies,as you have nothing else but to fabricate lies,and try to
  mix "words" around to fabricate your lies.   


  --- In dmcnews@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Marc Levy <malevy_nj@xxxx> wrote:
  > bricklin1024 Ebay (added so if anyone is doing a
  > Google search for any of these auctions, they see this
  > message)
  > This "black body" was there.. he did not buy this
  > recently from his connections to pass on to others (as
  > he claims.
  > We simply could not get to this item because it was
  > buried.  Rob specificaly told Claude he wanted parts
  > from it and Claude agreed to remove them for Rob and
  > contact him when it was done.  I guess that is not
  > going to happen.
  > Some of the other DMC parts he has listed were either
  > hidden, or we missed them.  I doubt he went out and
  > bought these parts to re-sell them... 
  > The radiator he has described is NOT the radiator we
  > left there as trash.  We left one that was smashed up.
  > All of the auctions that he has up now, the only items
  > that I see that we left there are the broken fascias.
  > His little disclaimer is a fabrication, and IMHO
  > Slander.
  > --- cruznmd <racuti1@xxxx> wrote:
  > > Claude has a bunch of auctions up on Ebay. I find it
  > > humorous that he
  > > now has to include a disclaimer about how people are
  > > out to ruin him,
  > > and that the casual Ebayer shouldn't be swayed, and
  > > that he's a safe
  > > buy.

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