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Deloreans DO NOT HAVE PUSHRODS---Lie #1

On your Story below,I had the drive plowed,Rob called me out of the
Blue (a few days notice)And whatever was there was NOW CONCRETE.
Lets see You wanted to clear the Concrete snow(about 10hrs labor)
72 hrs to pack evrything for you guys.
Fix steps 3 hours,---What am I a Work Horse!!

I did NOT want to do it on that day BUT HE (Rob)INSISTED ON it!! As
he said it was the only Time he could get a group of people together.
So it left me NO choice BUT to let them come and do their thing.
It gave me no Time to "clean up" for their arrival.I am only one
person as they said it took 5 guys plus me 12 hours to load
everything,do the math 6 X 12=72 Man hours!! I was supposed to do 72
Hours in the Freezing Cold by Myself!! Give me a Break!! As for the
Weak step (it was weak Not broken and has since been totally rebuilt)
Again at such short Notice it gave me no chance to repair it, as For
The Flordia I NEVER went to Flordia,that was ONLY BECAUSE instead of
giving me the full amount as was Promised, IN A BANK CHECK HE came
over with a PERSONAL Bus.Check---Hello Stop check please--So I used
that to Give the check time to Clear Period!!That part was another
stoty in itself,that unless they bring it up I will Not mention.

As for the MESS,Yes My garage at home was MESSY,but they left IT even
worse Than when they started,And my Big Garage in E.hartford,It was
Typical For a working garage,But By the time they left,it looked like
a tornado Struck in my garage,they turned everything inside out,and
upside down,in their Quest To Find search out for Delorean Items.It
WAS the biggest MESS I had ever seen,AFTER they were through.
In their Defense It was Cold,and If I was in their shoes I probely
would have scattered things all over the place,(like they did)to try
to load up,as 12 hours IS a long Time!!

On the Heat thing There was Never any heat made for that garage,it
only had heat for the offices and the downstairs garage.And the
heating OIL had already Been drained out,as the oil tank had to be
removed,as it is/was a underground tank,and state law said before I
could tranfer to the new owner the tank had to come out!!

I did the Best I could UNDER the short notice by Rob for heat,I ran a
40K Torpodo(jet engine style) heater,that with the Garage door Closed
made it somwhat bearable.Again Not my fault as they got there
sometime close to Noontime,and sunlight/darkness falls early in
January!! Again I DID NOT WANT to do it that day NOTHING was ready to
be Moved,BUT Rob insisted,what was I supposed to do???

On my house it is a Small Cape Cope style,it fills up
Quick,expecially if you use the basement for Business Equipment and
storing car parts,But I had Built Very VERY nice storage units to
store everything to store the parts and tools in my basement.

As for moving stuff in my basement,again it was a small basement with
thing stored in their shelf areas,and had been there for years,again
afer 15 yera or more you can't possibly remember where everything
would be.

as for the banged up parts you are talking about(doors) they were
removed in the early to mid eighties,and stored since,and I had not
seen them since,He was talking about a little edge corner nicks(very
Minor),when the doors were removed,as in 1983-84 when they were
remove,there was NO set ways to remove doors,so at that time I
removed them as best as I Knew how in those days.A very easy fix,for
someone who works with Deloreans.

Remember this is/was 22years of Delorean cars and parts,parts will be
here and there in a garage,Most all Tires were in ONE LOCATION and
away from any sunlight (all NCT's) in very good to excellent

All smaller parts were located on shelves or Bins. Bigger parts were
stored,where they fit best,BUT only in the LOFT area.The Garage area
was used for the Storage of the Cars only,and all the Deloreans were
covered ALWAYS!! There was one "junk" area where a Junk Delorean
Black Shell was/is but that was in a far corner of the garage,and
used for that purpose--junk to be thrown out,as my garage has no back
yard to store "trash" and I could NOT leave stuff outside in the
Front area,so I had a corner just for that purpose.AWAY From any work
As for the Vega Tire/Rim it is a Orignal GT wheel with the orignal
factory tire in like NEW Condition,a very rare item,as for the
Laundry Basket Then you took TWO--Well they took it from my washing
machine in my cellar--I need it to do my laundry.The Broken one you
did not return,but I did not care about the broken one--just the one
so I could do my laundry.

How do yo make 22years of parts available for inspecting,in the
middle of winter,in the middle of one of the worst cold waves,this
area has experienced? If it was summer NO PROBLEM,BUT a Cold wave
HOW,please let me Know How?

As for new parts I NEVER ever said a load of new parts, AS new
parts,as Most of the parts came off of cars in the Early Eighties!!
>From Low mileage cars.

DOES ROB REALLY want me to MENTION how I was treated BY HIM!!!
If this B.S. HARASSEMENT by you guys keeps Going ON I will SPILL the
BEANS-- on his Mr.HYDE side.. IT was NOT a very pretty picture.

On the Junkman side as you claim--Go to WWW.Bricklin.org and look at
Vin # 1024 and tell me if that is JUNK.
Ask the owner of 16686,if that car is a Junker,he is in the British
Delorean Group. I totally Restored That Delorean!! Must I go On.


Again the date for the Move was Robs picking I could HAVE waited till
it warmed up a little,HE WAS THE one that insisted on that day!!

Also I had a buyer with a Down payment on the cars and parts,ROB
talked me out of selling to him(the other Buyer)And the other Buyer
was going to pay ME a lot More than Rob Offered,and he was also going
to pay me $1000.00 for helping him move all the stuff.
But at the Time I was like everyone else I put Rob on a pedestal and
because of the years he also put into the caring of the Delorean,and
wanting to Keep the cars on these shores,I let him talk me into
selling them to him.Remember I did NOT call ROB in any way to sell to
him he called me to offer to buy,even tho I told Him BEFORE he came
down to look,at the cars, That I already Had a Buyer and a Down
payment. But he told me in his words "Scr--w" him I want to buy your
lot.Again Had I know it would be like This I would NEVER ever let Rob
talk me into selling to him. He came, he saw what he wanted,and then
talked me into selling to Him.

That is  the Truth and a LOT more to Come
If this Harassment does Not Stop.

Above is 100 PERCENT TRUTH


--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "malevy_nj" <malevy_nj@xxxx> wrote:
> Dave asked me to forward this on.
> and, FWIW..  At one point late in the day Dave handed me a 1 Qt
> plastic oil bottle with the top cut off which was full of pushrods
> saying "This is for a DeLorean".. No, he was not kidding..  We were
> Cold, and exhausted.
> To:   "fivetwofive" <cbl302@xxxx>  
> From:  David Teitelbaum <jtrealty@xxxx> 
> Date:  Sun Mar 14, 2004  11:33 pm 
> Subject:   Re: Deloreans on Ebay  
>         I normally don't post on the Forum but I was told there was
> thread
> here involving me. I was one of the volunteers to help Rob move all
> the parts he purchased from Claude. If I knew what I was getting
> myself into I might have reconsidered. It was the coldest week of
> year, it was around 5 degrees outside (and I think even colder
> inside!). In the garage we ran a kerosene heater so it was a choice
> between standing next to it or going up in the loft and getting
> from the fumes. In all honesty the basement of his house was warm
> there was so much sh-t to move it was hard just to find the parts.
> Parts he had that were "mint" were banged up. Of all the parts we
> found there was precious few NEW parts. There were many parts we
> that he flat out forgot about. It was mind-numbingly cold. We worked
> straight though with just 2 short breaks for food. I wound up
> and being awake and driving (in a blizzard!) for 23 hours straight!
> Going in and out of his garage (indoor junkyard) was an experience
> the driveway was all ice. The ladder to his "loft" was broken so we
> had to pass parts down so as not to climb the ladder. I remember
> Claude did "watch us like a hawk" helping and carrying parts. In all
> fairness he didn't have to do anything but open the door yet he did
> help move parts. He had parts scattered all over the 3 story garage
> and his basement and his garage at his home and the loft above the
> garage. We had to move many things just to get to the Delorean
> It is a small miracle no one got hurt falling on the ice, tripping
> parts, falling off the ladder etc. Before selling anything the
> usually makes the items easily available for the buyer to see and
> inspect. In this case Rob could never have seen what he was really
> buying or it's condition. In my mind Claude has lost any credability
> he had by the way he treated us and how he sold the parts. After we
> got all the parts into the trailer we got the cars ready to have the
> tower pick up the next day and then he sprang on Rob not to come
> for 2 weeks because he, Claude, was going to Florida! This is after
> Rob gave him most of the money! Than he wanted things back like a
> broken plastic laundry basket that we found parts in so we took it
> basket and all! He wanted a Vega tire back that was on one of the
> so it would roll. There were many other things he claimed were taken
> and in all fairness I can't say with any certanty what happened
> because we got so tired and it was dark we were just grabbing boxes
> that had Delorean parts in them (and anything else that might have
> been in with them). If Claude was so concerned about things than in
> mind he would have separated the Delorean parts so we wouldn't have
> to. We did move things around but there was no way to get to all the
> parts he stacked up without moving things out of our way. In any
> Claude should have better prepared because if any of us got hurt he
> would have been responsible having "invited" us onto his property.
> This was basically an indoor junkyard with no isles and parts strewn
> everywhere (not just Delorean). I will be preparing an article about
> this "treasure hunt" to Conneticut for Ken K's magazine. We took
> pictures and I hope all of the other volunteers will contribute to
> also. I have left out many details to protect the innocent. I know
> Claude will respond to this post but IMHO his protests are without
> merit. I wish him well but he has no business even being on this or
> any other forum about Deloreans. As far as I am concerned he is
just a
> junkman that happened to collect Deloreans and parts of Deloreans.
> From the examples of the workmanship that I saw I have to wonder
> the shape of ANY car that passed through his hands looks like. BTW
> Claude's definition of a "fleet of cars" is 5 Deloreans in varying
> states of dismemberment from not quite a rolling frame to a
> body to others with the panels just laying on the car and nothing
> bolted. Not one was complete or running.
> David Teitelbaum
> vin 10757
> --- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "fivetwofive" <cbl302@xxxx> wrote:
> > That might be me.I had a "fleet" of Deloreans for sale on Ebay
> > in December.I sold them off. He is a ,Nice Guy,but EASILY pissed
> off
> > if he doesn't GET his way!!I had "problems" with the guys he had
> sent
> > down to get the cars and parts,in the fact, that ONE of them was
> > a "Clepto" And took things that should NOT have been taken(like a
> > starter pistol)What the hell is up with that?And other stuff,
> > they KNEW did not go with the cars)in other words if strangers
> > to your house to pick up items watch them like a HAWK!!

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