Re: [DMCForum] Re: Deloreans and snobs
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Re: [DMCForum] Re: Deloreans and snobs

There are some on ebay for sale and has a shit load of 
them. If you cant find one to buy on ebay or dmcnews you dont want a 
delorean that bad.

Mark V

On Monday, March 15, 2004, at 10:21 PM, Avi Sarfaraz wrote:

> I bought my DMC-12 when I was 15, I know the history and love the car 
> even though I had to sell mine...I take great offense to your "Snob" 
> comments, to me it seems that you are the "Snob" here...I worked my 
> ass off to pay for my delorean...what kind of snob would keep his 
> customers freezing having them do the hard work to buy your products 
> (DMC lot) good businessman would do that...he would atleast help 
> his customers to get the job done quicker and if it was cold bring 
> some coffee....its good business practice...
> Can Anyone help me with finding a new DMC?
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>   From: Nun Yah
>   To: DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>   Sent: Monday, March 15, 2004 6:17 PM
>   Subject: [DMCForum] Re: Deloreans and snobs
>   First off as DeLorean nut that does not own one and one that was born
>   after the company went under but one that knows his history about the
>   car the man and the company. I would like to try my best to stand up
>   for those of us who love the cars but can not afford to own one.
>   First why don't the people that think that DeLoreans are only for
>   the rich people who do not drive cars wake up. Their called cars, you
>   DRIVE cars.
>   Second We should be educating the youth about the cars instead of
>   being hepogrets calling them "snobs". That makes you look bad and a
>   crumpy and the youth just want to spit on you like I do whoever the
>   idiot said that young people should not own a DeLorean. I for one
>   have made my life goal promoting the coolest car ever. Think about it
>   if say DMCH or PJ Grady would say what the nimrod (fivetwofive) on
>   this list said eventually they would go out of bussiness.
>   I take DeLoreans serously and when someones tells me that I shouldn't
>   get one it reall pisses me off and thats not good for your
>   reputation.
>   Sory if this offended anyone. I just really get realy mad when the
>   older generation dogs on the yougner generation. If  I mispelled any
>   words my appologeis I attend the Arkansas public school system, which
>   dosen't emphasize on spelling.
>   Josh--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "fivetwofive" <cbl302@xxxx>
>   wrote:
>> You would think that after 22years of Delorean ownership,I would
>   find
>> at Least a few "good Delorean owners"
>> But sadly, I have to say,that is all I Found, a Very few "decent
>> owners" Most are younger guys that were NOT even around when the
>   car
>> was in production,that are too juvenile,to tap in a resourse,of
>   guys
>> that were around,and studied the history of the Delorean,while the
>> history was being made.It is a sad state when someone with
>   extensive
>> knowledge of the Delorean and the man, is put down,thru a "mob
>> mentality" In a way I am GLAD I sold off all my Deloreans,as this
>> new "state" of ownership that I see going on today,is a far
>   cry,from
>> the truely Deciated Delorean owners from past years.
>> Having been both a delorean owner and a Bricklin owner(still a
>> Bricklin owner)I find that the Bricklin owner is More in touch with
>> what owning a Special interest Vehicle is all about,All I have seen
>> with Delorean owners is the "whats in it for me" Mentality,No
>   respect
>> for anyone,just snobby mental mob attitude.The Delorean is truly
>> becoming what JZD envisioned it becoming a True snob car.
>> I was planning on buying a Delorean again sometime in the
>   future,but
>> now that I see what the Delorean is truly becoming,I want no part
>   of
>> it.
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