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[DMCForum] Re: Deloreans and snobs

It's pretty obvious Claude really has no argument or anything to say. He just likes taunting people in the DeLorean community so he can see how they react. It's quite sad really, because this shows his personal life must really be lacking, since he has to turn to a group of people online most of which he doesn't know, to taunt and fuel his ego. We should all really feel sad for him. All he's after is clearly attention. He obviously doesn't give a damn about DeLoreans or he wouldn't have sold his, or he would have have kept his running... or at least in tact. But he did none of these things, so if everyone wants him to go away STOP RESPONDING TO HIS MESSAGES. You're just fuelling him if you do so. We all know everything he says is bullshit. He didn't have a preproduction car, and his summation of the current DeLorean community couldn't be more off. He argues that all DeLorean owners are snobs, yet he also argues that they're a bunch of kids. Those two obviously conflict. As a young owner I have to work really hard to be able to own a DeLorean. If anything I've learned many younger owners are more passionate, far better owners than some of the older guys. I've never once seen a young owner allow his car to sit and rot away. Though you seem to see that plenty with some of the original and long time owners. Yet he tries to add importance to himself being an owner for 22 years. Isn't that snobbery he himself is using? So the next time you see something from him that really gets your blood boiling, just hit the delete key. Otherwise you're doing exactly what he wants you to do. Let's get back into the positive guys and prove that we really are the better ones here. -Louie

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> You would think that after 22years of Delorean ownership,I would find
> at Least a few "good Delorean owners"
> But sadly, I have to say,that is all I Found, a Very few "decent
> owners" Most are younger guys that were NOT even around when the car
> was in production,that are too juvenile,to tap in a resourse,of guys
> that were around,and studied the history of the Delorean,while the
> history was being made.It is a sad state when someone with extensive
> knowledge of the Delorean and the man, is put down,thru a "mob
> mentality" In a way I am GLAD I sold off all my Deloreans,as this
> new "state" of ownership that I see going on today,is a far cry,from
> the truely Deciated Delorean owners from past years.
> Having been both a delorean owner and a Bricklin owner(still a
> Bricklin owner)I find that the Bricklin owner is More in touch with
> what owning a Special interest Vehicle is all about,All I have seen
> with Delorean owners is the "whats in it for me" Mentality,No respect
> for anyone,just snobby mental mob attitude.The Delorean is truly
> becoming what JZD envisioned it becoming a True snob car.
> I was planning on buying a Delorean again sometime in the future,but
> now that I see what the Delorean is truly becoming,I want no part of
> it.

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