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No,The only claim I will give,is that I kept them "around" and in
good shape,(ie:from being in a field somewhere turning into rust)and
keeping/from becoming parts cars/and keeping a "few" more
Deloreans  "around" for Future generations to enjoy.
Not non-running "stored" for Future USE,Non-running is a term used
for Junkers that have been abandoned outside for the elements to
DESTROY!!! In a sense the cars were in a state of suspended
anamation!!Also said as new, NOT new,as the majority of the cars were
stored indoors and covered since the 80's and unused,a BIG
difference,from a Delorean that was stored outside,uncovered,unused,I
once left a 9,000 mile Chevy Citation outside,(totaled parts car)to
the elements,in ten years,of sitting parked outside,it went from a
decent parts car,to scrap!! Just from the elements !!And it was
only "parked" It makes a BIG Difference how the car is stored.
I "think" I know something about he "history" of Deloreans after more
than 22years of Delorean Knowledge,and I STAND my ground on the Pre
Vins 00648,ALL were NEVER intended FOR PUBLIC use,HENSE pre-
production,production cars are cars who's intended use were TO BE
SOLD and USED by the General PUBLIC,IF they were "normal" "production
cars" where are they all???????? There are ONLY Dozen or so of cars
BEFORE vins 648, WHY?  Because they were destroyed (or dismanteled)
used for parts ect ect,as the Factory NEVER classified THEM as
PRODUCTION cars.The Few that are around are ONLY around because,they
were STILL in use BY the FACTORY,as FACTORY CARS,(ie:
expermental,test vehicles,used by the big wigs,training Vehicles ect
ect)THEN, WHEN the Factory shut DOWN,The few that HAD NOT BEEN
Destroyed, became assets for Liquidation,to pay creditors,BUT had the
factory been in production,NO PRE Vin 648 cars would be around
today,as AGAIN,the factory classified them as,NON SELLABLE/NOT a
NORMAL production CAR.Maybe that clears things up about the Pre Vin
648 cars.??? Again if they were "normal" production cars,then PLEASE
account for the mysterious Disappeanence,of almost all the cars
BEFORE "648" WHERE ARE THEY? I can tell you-- Destroyed by the
factory,as NON-sellable/ not classified as a Normal Production car.


--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Marc Levy <malevy_nj@xxxx> wrote:
> Most of what you said is just a repeat of your last
> message, so I have no need to respond to it again.
> In lot of parts, there was ONE new part.  ONE.
> Everything else was obviously used.  You mislead every
> person who read your EBay auction.  All of your "Cars"
> we non-running.  What was there was not "installed",
> but more just thrown on there to make the car look
> decent.  I will give you this, the frames were clean
> and had been stored inside all these years....  Still
> makes me wonder why the heck you took ALL of those
> cars apart!
> it has been established, 570 is NOT pre-production.
> Early, yes..  But that adds no value to it at all.
> Maybe if it ran it would be worth a bit more?  I am
> sure Rob will need to invest a lot more time and parts
> in to those cars than he expected for him to put his
> stamp of approval on it...  When those cars find a new
> happy owner, will you claim it is your skill that made
> those cars what they are (as you do with the other
> one)??  or at least give Rob credit for taking a pile
> of parts and making it in to a real car?
> --- fivetwofive <cbl302@xxxx> wrote:
> <SNIP>
> > Dissapointed ??? AT LEAST 60% of the parts were as
> > NEW or LIKE
> > new,ALL had PERFECT dashes
> > one car had 2,000 miles,one had 9,000 miles,one had
> > 22,000 and one
> > had 32,000,and ALL WERE STORED INDOORS SINCE the
> > 1980's,IT was a
> > cake was he got a
> > Pre-Prod. Car to BOOT!!!!! (vin# 570)(The first cars
> > sold to the
> > general public were vins in the  600 range)AFTER THE
> > DOWN ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE,and everything that had
> > market value was
> > sold,including any cars under the 600 VIN
> > numbers,otherwise you would
> > NOT SEE any cars under the sub 600 vins around
> > today!! A SUPER SUPER
> > SUPER deal,that nobody could resist.THIS IS MY LAST
> > MUD.THEN you will
> > leave me no choice but to reply.
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