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RE: [DMCForum] unmoderated user


We seem to live in the United States of the Offended.

Everybody's paranoid and Political Correctness has gone too far.

shock" became "operational exhaustion" became "post-traumatic stress

disorder". Black people have different names for their ethnicity

on what their age is. (My near-family member in his 70s still calls

"colored" while younger generations just stare at him, but most of my

friends just call themselves "Black".) "Senior Citizens" have simply

"Seniors". In the Navy, the officer above you in rank isn't called

"superior" anymore (they've become "seniors" too, like the old people

kids in their last year of school).

People these days are driven by fear, they don't laugh at things that

to be laughed at, and they take EVERYTHING entirely too seriously. One

I've learned from my gay Jewish colorblind tall co-worker is how to
laugh at

damn near anything, and my life is a lot less stressful for it.

I have a t-shirt that says "Think. It's patriotic." Perhaps it should

say "Think." Or "Laugh." I think the people on the DMCForum are, for

most part, able to take things lightly -- they're not offended because

can laugh at things. If somebody on this list called me a honky, ofay,

boy, blue-eyed devil, cracker, whatever, I'd shrug it off. (Although I

like "grey boy".) We get along not only because we have a common
interest --

the DeLorean -- but because we're sick of everybody telling us what we

do and say and how we should treat our cars. Hence we are some of the

progressive-minded individuals who scoff at authority and rebel

things that, like dopey dumbed-down language used by guilty white

(oooooh there's a good one to get people riled up!) to make sure they

offend anyone who doesn't have a sense of humour. This list is the way

American should be -- everybody resolves their differences and accepts

other's way of life, and we can all get together and have a laugh.

Especially if we're laughing at the DML. :)

I think we should have phone systems that say "For English, press one.

English Lessons, press two." But don't even get me started on the

States of Amexica. That's best discussed over beer.


Whew. I need a martini. ;P

I think I really should go to PF so we can all have fun with the
people who

have a sense of humour, and laugh at those who don't. :) Anybody wanna

contribute to the fund?

- Farrar

"It is better to wear out than to rust out."

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      The DML can be pretty Communist with there strict/loose
depending on
      who's moderating guidelines.
      We street race in Wisconsin and all compact cars that are all
souped up
      are called Ricers or Zoomies. Hmm maybe the person that got
      rejected post should complain to the DML and say "how dare you
      that a racist comment, are you saying i am a racist because i
      This world is really starting to SUCK. Pretty soon some person
      bitch because it says "IN GOD WE TRUST" on our paper money and
      Atheist will get it removed. It is bad enough that we live in
      United States Of America and our main language is English but
we must
      press #1 for English or please stay on the line for Spanish,
      it be the other way around? DAMN we should just change the
name to The
      United States Of Whatever.
      That would shock the moderator.
      Mark V
      On Friday, March 12, 2004, at 08:12 PM, timnagin wrote:
      > I responded to that guy off list but haven't heard back from
him.  I
      > stated
      > I know several Asians and the term "ricer" does not mean
what it did
      > in the
      > past and the current meaning is not a racial slur.  Check
out these two
      > links.
      > Greg
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      > Subject: [DMCForum] unmoderated user
      > So on the DML they have said that "ricer" is a "racial
slur"... I guess
      > that explains all the black, white, and Asian-looking men
and women
      > driving them. Uh.
      > Did we ever figure out where that term came from?
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