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Re: [DMCForum] Re: New historic facts on the DeLorean

This has nothing to do with the Bricklin.

The last time you were here you got more than a few of us worked up and
some finger pointing was involved plus other comments and then we all
got a talking to and then, well you disappeared till it all cooled down

If you want to call me an asshat or a jackass go right ahead but this
just shows your age and maturity.

I am not speaking for the other people involved back in December i am
speaking for myself.

We have all apologized for what we have said and i am sure all of us
don't want you to come in for a couple of posts and get everybody
worked up again and disappear  like you did last time.

If you want to call me a Jackass or Asshat again please do it to my
face at Pigeon Forge and show your maturity but don't do it here, just
let me know where you want to meet.

I still feel bad about what we all said back in December and i
apologize once again and it will never happen again.

You are welcome to post here just like everyone else but i don't want a
repeat of December 2003.

As of January 1st i always try to start a clean New Year so i am
leaving the past behind me and saying James lets start the new year off
right with no name calling and we can be DMCForum friends so lets be
mature and let bygones be bygones because this will be the last bad
post directed to you. So please show your maturity on this subject and
lets drop it.

If you want to reply to this please email me direct so we don't have to
clutter up this forum with our personal B.S. otherwise yeah that
Bricklin owner is really out of his mind and apparently he doesn't know
his cars history.


On Sunday, March 7, 2004, at 07:20 PM, James LaLonde wrote:

> What fight? That was a simple misinterpretation amongst fellow D
> owners. Besides this guy can't possible be on list - lest he know
> better than to say the Delorean is an Bricklin SV-2.
> If you were kidding, cool.
> Otherwise - lighten up. All us DMLers and DMCForumers are always
> providing asshat/jackass/fuckchop updates. This guy more than
> qualifies.
> I have posted here and will continue to do so. I'll post about
> whatever and whoever I please. I'll "start some shit again" if and
> when I feel like it. Recall, I didn't intend to "start some shit"
> the first time... it was a joke then, just as this is in jest now.
> Don't presume to warn me about proper topics and "proper" etiquette
> in a forum founded on the very opposite ideal.
> Everyone here would have been just a well without your
> inflamatory "warning." We'd have a laugh about the pointing out of
> another asshat. so unless YOU are the jackass trying to sell this
> Bricklin how about you and I never address one another again, as
> it's apparent we rub each other the wrong way... everyone will be
> better off.
> I can see the jokes about rubbing one another coming already :P
> James L 004009
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