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Did you miss my message on partially why I said to avoid Bob, Marc? If so, look back at my responses to this thread. The rest of my story with him goes like this. I sent my car to him to get the Dakota Digital dash removed that was installed by my car's previous owner. We agreed before hand that his payment would be the digital dash, as they sell for about $1k new with all necessary parts. He led to to believe that he could finish the car up in a few weeks, and I said just so long as I have the car for the SEDOC meet in September, I won't mind how long he takes. This was in early June. I called him regularly to check up on his progress of the car, and he always assured me everything was fine. After one month I was anxious to get my car back... after two I was really starting to get annoyed. When close to three months rolled around, and the SEDOC meet was within a couple of weeks away I really started pressing him on just what he was doing, and how long it was taking. I reminded him every time I talked to him over the three month period that all I wanted was the car back in time for this meet. I set up several weekends when he said the car would be ready, and I could come and get it. Keep in mind I go to college about 2 hours away from my parents house where the car stayed most of the time, and from there it was another hour to where Bob lived. So several weekends I cleared my schedule, dropped everything and made the trip over to my parents house. Several of these weekends I would call and call him... no one ever answered. I would leave messages on his machine, and have to give up and go back to school having wasted an entire weekend that I could have been doing school work, or working on my internship. I'd always get a call from him later in the week with him apologizing profusely, he always had some excuse for what happened... all of which were blatent lies. I told him every time this happened that I don't care if it's going to take you longer to do the car, just let me know in advance, or just pick up the phone and tell me what's going on so I don't have to waste an entire weekend. Again, we this happened at least 3 times... it really made my blood boil. Well after my parents started calling and talking with him, he finally seemed to get the idea I wanted my car. So he delivered it one afternoon days before the SEDOC meet with a $380 bill. He charged me extra labor for doing the dash. At the time I didn't care too much... I was thankful to just have the car back in time for the meet.

Two days after I got my car back (the day after Bill and I put in a new water pump!) I was hit by a drunk driver in the car, and it was totalled. You can all imagine how sick this made me. Within hours of me posting to the DML what happened I was barraged with people wanting to buy the car. I informed everyone that contacted me that it's on a first come, first serve basis... the first person to contact me was to get the car, and if he backed out, it'd be the second person and so on. Bob was literally about 9 or 10 in line, but he insisted that I was selling the car to him, and kept bugging me about when he could come pick it up. After the car finally sold he sent me the nastiest email attacking everything about me just because he didn't get the damn car. Talk about adding insult to injury. It turns out he did this to James LaLonde too when he wrecked his car.

Bob also contacted me after I wrecked the car and said he had a cherry one he wanted to sell me. It takes a hell of alot to piss me off, and a ridiculous amount for me to hold a grudge, so we set up a weekend for me to come view the car. You guys can guess what happened by now. He called later that week and apologized... but here's the kicker- his excuse was that the car wasn't ready to be seen... it needed to be cleaned up. It was the last straw... it absolutely infuriated me. I vowed never to do any sort of business with him again, and have told everyone I know to steer clear of him.

For the record he sold my dash on ebay with a STARTING BID of $500. I was too disgusted to watch the auction to the end at that time, but I know it was at roughly $600 last time I saw it. So came out very clean from my situation, and I felt used. Some might say he's just a savvy business man who can earn money. I just think he's an asshole who takes advantage of people any way he can to make a quick dime. -Louie

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