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Re: [DMCForum] Re: Tragic

I agree with Marc -- people buy things at flea markets and sell them on
eBay. Does that make them crooks? What about my buddy who bought a set
of speakers off of a guy because they sounded like crap, had them
rebuilt for $75, and then sold them for $2000 the pair? I don't think he
was a crook.

If you bought a LH fender NOS you could end up paying a lot anyhow; I'm
not sure what Houston charges for them but I'm sure it's plenty.
Scarcity and demand drive prices up -- one of the basics of economics.

All things considered, $3500 for a complete set of SS panels and
undamaged fibreglass, plus other parts that could be restored, might be
a good deal for you if you had a totalled car that needed a lot of such
things replaced. I know that if I had any such thing terrible happen to
my D I'd be SOL for a long time trying to get SS panel for what they
tend to cost. For someone in dire straits, it could be a bargain. Water
doesn't kill EVERYthing. Hell, I've even resurrected old tube radios
that have been immersed in water.

(Personally, though, it looks to me as if the car has not only been
immersed in water, but gutted. I wouldn't be surprised to find parts

Of course, it all depends on how much money you have available to you.
It sucks not to have money to burn, but the good thing is there are
resources out there and people willing to help. One bad apple,
fortunately, doesn't spoil the whole bunch, in the DeLorean community.

End of rant. Coffee time. :)


Marc Levy wrote:
> Um.. This is the united states, right?
> He showed up with cash, and purchased the car...  It
> belongs to him, and now he is free to do what he wants
> with it... 
> I also dont know if I agree that to get a good set of
> SS panels, a good fiberglass body, and good class that
> $3500 is such a bad deal.
> Also, you are assuming that this is in fact the same
> car, and it is Bob Miller..  Are you sure?
> --- thomaspaulmccoy <thomaspaulmccoy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>I thought someone bought it that NEEDED it.  So now
>>it reappears for
>>a higher price from Bob.  Looks like the only thing
>>Bob needed was a
>>quick buck.  Thanks Bob for screwing me over!
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