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Re: [DMCForum] I now know why...

Oh poor Samuel.  If I had a son, I wish he were like Samuel.
:-)  He bought a car that was in really rough shape, but he
is eager to make it into a practical daily driver.  He will
do it.  I know he will, but this car seems to be an abused
woman.  She is testing him to make sure that she will not
allow just anyone to drive her.  Her driver must show
himself worthy in both ability to dole out the bucks as well
as his patience.  And yes, I have had 3 of those 5.5%
alcohol beers.

> Took the day off as it rained all weekend.

That is totally my fault that it rained.  My main pair of
shoes have too much of something growing in them, so I
switched to another pair of shoes that I haven't worn in
months (or maybe years?).  These shoes have major cracks in
the soles (do I have cracks in my sole, no don't answer
that).  And every time it rains, my feet get soaked.  Well,
only because I wore these shoes did it rain last weekend.

> Walter got the trailing bolts out and the rubber
> bushings, the wrong size bolt had been used in one spot
for the
> bushings

Actually, you had the right 8mm bolts installed in the car,
but when I took them out one of them had galled.  You
ordered new bolts from DMC/Texas, but they shipped the wrong
ones or you ordered the wrong ones or whatever.

> (I may have
> damaged it when removing the middle grounding pin),

He's talking about preventing a weird wiring fault if you
install a fan-fail bypass.  If you don't remove the ground
on the fan relay, then it shorts the fans out while they are
off.  This is bad because they work as generators when the
wind passing through spins the fans.  They generate voltage,
but it is shorted out by the relay.  This prematurely burns
up the brushes in the fans.  Don't do it!

> realize I bought the wrong antifreeze

Yeah, don't mix the green stuff with the new orange stuff.
And don't put orange stuff in a car that wasn't made for it.
The orange stuff does not get along well with lead soldered
things such as the aftermarket metal radiators.

> I look and see it is at the main pulley

Yeah, I was afraid you could have a leak here.  What happens
is that if the heat shield isn't in place then the hottest
part of the muffler cooks the pulley seal.  Then it leaks
oil.  Samuel was not happy to hear about that he may have a
trashed pulley either.  These tend to be not available from
the vendors or they run in excess of $200.  Oh well.  But I
gotta admire what Samuel is doing.  He is taking an abused
car and restoring it into a reliable daily driver.  If only
"she" will cooperate.


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