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Regarding your fine steed:

First, don't sweat the cosmetics. A car in need of a facelift won't
put you walking IF the mechanicals are OK. May be self conscious to
drive, but just remember: at least you HAVE a DeLorean (how many times
have you seen messages from lamenting owner wannabe's).

Second, sweat the mechanicals. Remember DeLo publicity pictures of the
"double wishbone chasis"? All you REALLY need is one of those:
-frame isn't about to break in half
-suspension and brakes are intact and tight
-tires are fresh
-cooling system is RELIABLY functional
-fuel delivery system (including everything in the tank!) is 100%
-all ignition disposables are replaced
-all hoses and belts are replaced
-clutch is OK
-(even a badly worn engine will still internally combust while
rebuild/replacement options are explored. Just don't warp or lock up
the poor thing)

While you're locked out of your DeLo, take the opportunity to stand
back and look at it objectively -- haven't you already accomplished
most or all of the above? 

(I put DeLo electricals closer to cosmetic importance than mechanical.
Several circuits are better redone than left in the factory
configuration, but with well placed jumpers or rearranged relays you
can work around any malfunctions before then).

Having worked on and ridden in your car, I personally feel --
mechanically -- it is very close to Fridge Run ready. If it makes you
feel any better we can swap cars for part of the trip (be forewarned:
if your Lambda system malfunctions while I'm behind the wheel I am
*temporarily* removing it from the loop). Just double check your front
suspension again. That seems to be the biggest unknown variable.

Wouldn't you feel silly if, after all you've accomplished, you end up
jetisoning your DeLo merely for some worn ball joints...

Bill Robertson

>--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "cruznmd" <racuti1@xxxx> wrote:
> I agree in principal with most of what Rob said.
> Perhaps I shouldn't have bought my car. I'm on a pretty tight budget. 
> I may not be able to give it the care that it needs. Like I once 
> said: I have money for parts or labor but not both. I've always 
> wanted to take my car to a vendor for real, professional work.
> I don't for 2 reasons: 
> 1. I can't afford it.
> 2. I am afraid to.
> Re: #2: Why? Because I knew the car was in trouble when I bought it. 
> The last thing I want to hear, is an expert telling me how hosed up  
> my car is, and how it'll take more money than I'll make in 10 years 
> to make it right. It's just too daunting.
> So in denial, I have stumbled along trying to learn everything Rob 
> has learned in 23 years in one year. In one year I have put $5,000 
> very thinly spread dollars into my DeLorean. That's a pittance and I 
> know it. I honestly wish I could spend more than that and that I 
> could support all the vendors, but I can't.
> Thanks to Dave Stragand, I have been made aware of the "Project Car 
> Spiral". His formula is basically: T x $=c where T is time, and "c" 
> is the condition of your car. My point: Whether or not I should sell 
> the car to a better person is related to my forward progress.
> If the car ever sits for one year in a non-running condition or does 
> not measurably improve, and there is no expectation of change, I will 
> sell it. I don't want to be like the PO's before me who let it decay.
> Fortunately, despite my ignorance and lack of real funds I have made 
> significant forward progress in exactly one year. Mike Choee and Bill 
> Robertson might even back me up on this. If I can keep it up, I can 
> keep the car.
> Louie, you and Mike C. agree that I have the worst luck. That's ok. 
> I've always been like that. That's why I haven't given up. I am one 
> year into the "2 year shakedown". If I can be more stubborn than the 
> metal, I'll make it past that.
> I don't agree that the Forum should be moderated, but I'm glad the 
> DML is. I like both for different reasons. I do believe however, that 
> if you shoot your mouth off here, that you should be held 
> responsible. It's not Walt's job to save us from ourselves. 
> I also kind of agree with Bill. No matter how loud one person 
> screams, Rob's rep as one of the best, or the best DeLorean service 
> center in the country with 23+ years of experience will not be 
> damaged.
> I salute Rob and I ask the purists to forgive my small bank account.
> Rich A.


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