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Re: [DMCForum] Rob Grady: This is my story & I'm sticking with it

Title: Re: [DMCForum] Rob Grady: This is my story & I'm sticking with it

I personally apologize to Rob grady for any of my comments that i have
made that offended him in any way.
Once again i am sorry.


On Monday, December 29, 2003, at 02:57 PM, pjgrady2000 wrote:

> As most of you probably assume I don't usually bother with
> monitoring the DMC Forum because I've been told it's mostly useless
> chatter with relatively little good DeLorean related content. I see
> now that it's unmoderated formula allows people to say whatever they
> want without regard for the truth or even decency. Some of you need
> to tone your language down...way down!
> Having your name attached to fifty some odd posts feels kind of like
> being in a room full of people cheering you but meanwhile knowing
> that there are two or three assassins that have you in the sights of
> their various implements of destruction. Discomforting to say the
> least!
> These posts gradually denigrated from what I may have done right or
> wrong to some quasi pornographic "Backside to the Future", "Nipple
> marks on my car", borderline porno chat room, all the while using my
> name as the subject. Stop it! Walter you run this forum like Nero
> ran the Coliseum. Thumbs up or thumbs hell with right and
> wrong.
> I wish to thank all of the people who came to my company's defense
> without me even knowing or soliciting any of it. The loyalty of some
> of my customers (whom I consider friends as well) always astounds
> me. My attorney asked me if I put some of you up to it I think he
> was as amazed at your defense as I was. You people make running a
> business worthwhile despite all the B.S.. A particular thanks to
> Mark Levy, Shannon and James. James is not my wife though, she has
> more DeLorean experience than he does :)
> Due to time and space limitations I can only address the negative
> comments since there were fortunately fewer of them. The posts I
> feel obligated to answer start with Louie's response (#9357) to
> Jeremiah's question about where to take his car "Houston or PJ
> Grady".
> Quote # 1
> "A friend of mine who already had one of the nicest DeLoreans around
> sent his to Grady about 2 years ago. He just wanted the car to be
> gone over, and have the loose ends tied up. Almost a year later the
> car came back with a $17k repair bill. Granted he's now got the
> nicest DeLorean in the world (and I'm totally not kidding... his car
> is amazing), but I still absolutely cannot fathom what could have
> been done to that car to warrant such a repair bill. I am in no way
> bashing Grady's... like I said, I feel they're the
> best in the business. My friend's car is a testament to that. But if
> you want
> your car repaired in a more timely budget conscious way... I'd
> consider Houston.
> They seem to be more about taking care of what the owner WANTS
> instead of NEEDS.
> Just give this some thought before you go sending your car off."
> I will admit Louie, we try to take care of a customers needs before
> addressing their wants. Why install a suspension lowering kit the
> customer wants while ignoring his bent trailing arm bolts that he
> really needs! This car initially came in for a full inspection and
> seven additional items. What our inspection revealed were fifty-nine
> items on the checklist alone, both major and minor that he decided
> to have repaired. This owner just had another "DeLorean Specialist"
> perform thousands of dollars worth of work so he figured he had a
> good car. Most of our work corrected poor or incomplete repairs and
> many items overlooked by the previous mechanic. The owner (I assume
> he wishes to remain anonymous?) approved all of these repairs and
> the work was completed in 8 months (not almost a year). The work
> included 127.7 hours of labor time, $7138.93 in parts, and $465.00
> for powder coating miscellaneous parts(intake manifold, various
> brackets, air screen etc.). We even boxed and shipped his used front
> facia to the person he sold it to at no extra cost. We replaced his
> original because it had an eyebrow or something wrong that wasn't to
> his standards. We had to supply him with three new tail light lenses
> before he found one acceptable to him. I think you'll find his car
> at least the equal of a 65K DeLorean One car. But of course how
> could this be worth 17K! By the way Louie we also fixed an idle
> circuit problem. Maybe your car could use some time in our shop
> because know one seems to be able to help you. But you never asked
> our advice...leave it to the armchair experts I suppose. Your
> assertion that he paid 1K to properly replace the door seals is
> untrue and totally misleading. I'm not angry with you Louie as I
> know you meant well but some of your comments are incorrect. I don't
> owe this owner an apology for needing 8 months to complete the
> repairs, I owe apologies to some of the other people for
> occasionally allowing an impatient owner to force his way up our
> waiting list but in the real world "the squeaky wheel gets the
> grease". Restoration work is very hard to budget time for because
> most owners don't know how much work their car needs and until we
> physically inspect their car neither do we. We then try to fix
> everything we can while trying to stick to what ever budget we are
> allowed. Jeremiah's response shows the result of your good
> intentions (#9386) Quote #2 "I completely understand where you're
> coming from on this one, Louie. I thank you for your time and
> consideration as to warning me what I could potentially have gotten
> into. After careful consideration (some of which are still underway
> and being made), I will probably be opting to do the work elsewhere."
> Thanks Louie I may have just lost a job because of your comments.
> The person I'm angry with is Mark (#9358) Quote 3 "I would like to
> know what kind of repair shop would need almost a year to do a
> complete once over on any car and fix any loose ends? I would think
> it would take 1 month unless it needs a full restoration."
> The answer to your question is a very busy shop that currently has
> 28 DeLoreans in for various degrees of restoration. We would
> probably have 60 in for work if I could accommodate all requests but
> the ones in a hurry wind up some where else. Should I apologize
> because our services are in demand?
> Mark again (#9406)
> Quote # 4
> "I guess I am a jackass, since I delt with PJ Grady and it was a bad
> experience.
> If i am a jackass because my dealings with PJ Grady were not too
> pleasant does that make you a PRICK?
> My unrealistic experience was ordering parts, waiting for them to
> come, having some hoses missing that i was not told were on
> backorder, and having my car sit for an extra week because i was
> told they were in stock.
> Other wise i still deal with PJ Grady but i did have that one bad
> experience so i guess i am a jackass you PRICK!
> I will still buy parts from Grady when i need them if i cant get
> them elsewhere.
> Remember if you call people names without knowing the full detail,
> expect to be called a name back."
> And again (#9411) Quote #5
> "No issues with Grady except for that part order. The reason i had
> issues for that order is because i was moving out of my house and i
> was expecting to have my car finished a 2 weeks before i moved not
> one week before the move. So because of that fuck-up i had to move
> during the day and put my car back together at night.
> Hey James LaLonde said i was a jackass because i had a bad
> experience with Grady, so if you have only one bad experience with
> Grady James LaLonde calls you a jackass. I was just telling about my
> one and only bad experience.
> I was told all parts were in stock and on the way, i get the parts
> and the silicone water pump hoses were missing, i called Grady and
> they said they were on back order and they would be in the mail
> soon. They next day shipped the parts when they came in.
> One problem and your a jackass even though you still order parts
> from Grady."
> And again (#9414) Quote #6
> "the only fault that was mine is that i ordered the parts from
> Grady, Grady said they were in stock and on the way.
> What part of "in stock and on the way" dont you understand?
> When you tell someone the parts are in stock and on the way that
> doesnt mean i will send you what i have and you call me when the
> parts arrive when you notice something missing, and when you find
> out you are missing something call me and i will say they are on
> back order and i will ship them out when i get them back in stock.
> But this wasnt Gradys fault it must of been mine since i am not a
> mind reader."
> Your memory does not serve you well. Why do you find it necessary to
> lie Mark? Honestly I think some of you have hidden agendas. While
> you were opening your "lump of coal" (now why would someone give you
> a lump of coal Mark? Were they returning a gift?) on Christmas day I
> was at the shop pulling your parts invoices. All three of them. Your
> first and technically only order was for a clutch slave and rebuilt
> master cylinder. You returned the slave cylinder for credit along
> with the master cylinder core. Our policy is full store credit on
> returns or a twenty percent restock fee. Pretty standard business
> practice. You placed two more orders to use up your credit.
> The next order was the one you alleged we "fucked up". Yes Debby
> told you the parts were in stock because the parts in question
> usually are. However, I immediately informed her that we were out of
> the special clamps we use for the silicone hose kit, and according
> to our phone records we called you back that same day to make you
> aware of this problem. We then had the clamps blue labeled to our
> shop and we then sent your entire order red label at the 3 day price
> to get you the parts as soon as possible (it was 2 days later than
> you had wanted it not a week).? We billed you ten dollars in freight
> and absorbed about forty dollars in UPS charges to provide you this
> level of service. We????? can see you really appreciated it! All of
> this for a whopping $86.23 order. Boy we really cleaned up on that
> one! All of your three orders were shipped in three complete
> shipments.
> In your next (and thankfully last) order again on store credit we
> provided you two used door vents (p/n 100761) that were unavailable
> from Houston at less than half of the current list price... Another
> small favor that was completely lost on you. I'm so glad I bent over
> backwards for such an appreciative customer. The only possible thing
> that you could be mad about that I can imagine is because you lost
> twenty dollars on your core return because the master cylinder
> actuator rod clevis was worn. So I imagine you are angry because we
> didn't give you the shaft :). With customers like you Mark Valuch
> who needs enemies. As far as buying parts from us only if you "can't
> find them elsewhere", it goes both ways. We'll only sell parts to
> you when all of our other more reasonable customers stop buying from
> us! So there. By the way I have full written documentation on all
> part orders and UPS logs to document everything I've said. It's
> available to any interested party.
> Mark you should be receiving a letter from my lawyer soon to explain
> the error of your ways. Remember cyber space is like the written
> word. Once its out there you can't take it back. But you could
> apologize. If you can't muster that then you better close your pie
> hole lest you find yourself in Federal Court. Walter should ban you
> from this forum.
> As for Robert's input (#9417) Quote # 7
> "Hey
> Not to beat a dead horse maybe if more people voiced their opinions
> and Rob Grady reads this he could hire more people and get better
> organized get jobs done faster get parts order right and call people
> who are paying him with updates on their cars rather then calling
> them back when he has time like he's doing you a favor.
> Maybe then we all would give him all our Delorean business and he
> would be biggest Delorean repair shop in the US and Houston could be
> the biggest parts dealer....
> But making excuses for him doesn't help anyone unless (James
> Lolonde) is really Robs Gradys wife
> Well would like see other opinions Rob Grady is still the best but
> jobs could be done faster and better communication wouldn't mind
> spending more money for good service."
> I don't think I need to get better organized but I agree I do need
> more people. Since several of you offered to do the work "cheaper"
> than us why not apply for a position at a real restoration shop, PJ
> Grady's. Our door is always open to qualified help but be aware I
> can be a very demanding boss just ask my wife:). I have 23 years of
> DeLorean experience, Debby (wife and office manager) has 10 years?
> and Pat (shop foreman/head mechanic) has 13 years. How many of you
> feel qualified to join our staff? Please call us. Robert since you
> suddenly stopped buying parts from us two years ago I have to ask
> you why? Did I treat you like I was "doing you a favor"? I don't
> think so.? We've never tried to be the biggest "DeLorean repair shop
> in the U.S." only the best. If you people knew half of what I've
> seen and heard over the years we may well have become the biggest.
> But that's just my opinion. If I told you why I'd have to kill
> you :). My family has been in the car business since 1914 and I plan
> to be around (God willing) to see our 100th anniversary. Obviously
> we'd never make it to that milestone if Louie, Mark V. & Robert were
> our best customers. I won't forget the ones that really supported us
> over the years.
> And lastly...Walter (grand master of this Roman circus)(#9465) Quote
> # 8 "And it is really amazing watching Rob eat steak. He totally
> covered it with a layer of salt without even tasting it first. I
> just kind of smirked because it reminded me of the urban legend of
> some guy not getting hired because he salted his food before tasting
> it. The company wouldn't hire this guy because he makes decisions
> before having all the facts (i.e., salting his steak without knowing
> if it needed salt or not.) And for the rest of the story: To my
> amazement, Rob flipped his steak over and proceeded to cover the
> other side with salt. Yuck! But I won't say that Rob is the
> stereotype of the salt legend. He just likes a little steak with his
> salt. That's all. ;-)"
> Do people really care about my eating habits? Get a life. I started
> my own DeLorean business because no one would hire me due to my
> excessive salt intake. I'm a regular obsessive compulsive insurance
> risk. Yeah that's it! Walter I don't use that much salt and the
> other two people at the table didn't see me flip my steak. Maybe you
> were seeing double at the time. It was a little early in the day to
> have knocked back a few cool ones. You couldn't have kept up with
> this Irishman anyway:) This may possibly be the longest post you'll
> ever see but how else could I explain it all? The good news is you
> won't hear from me again unless these attacks continue.
> Once again I wish to thank the vast majority of you for your support
> and wish you all happy holidays (even the guy with the lump of
> coal:) ).And please....keep it clean.
> Seasons Greetings
> Robert Grady
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