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[DMCForum] Re: You're both wrong! Attn: Rick/Martin

John D: "Kinetic" energy. I had a brain cramp and couldn't remember
the proper term. Thanks for that. Latent, was totally wrong.

Martin: The Law of Energy. I understand what you're saying and I
agree with it. In my original statement, I got a little off the point
at the end there.

My original question was more or less answered by Rick:

(Is the expenditure of energy, "WORK" even if nothing is moving?)
In holding the wrench to 20 ft/lbs. and expending energy, are you
conducting "work" even though you're not turning the bolt?
He says yes, "technically". What say you? Consider: If your robot is
struggling against an obstacle or another robot, but not moving it is
expending energy, but is it working?

BTW, (switching gears here) I love watching Parliament debate. You
guys grumble and yell. It has character and reminds me of what
congressional debates must have been like centuries ago. Now congress
engages in verbal chess, without emotion or candor. Sometimes it's

Rich A.

--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Martin Gutkowski <webmaster@xxxx>
> Simple answer. You can sit on a chair and not exert any energy.
> you are applying a force onto the chair (actually the chair is
> a force upwards that is equal and opposite to the accelleration due
> gavity pulling you down - but that's beside the point).
> You on that chair indeed have potential energy which will be
> to kinetic energy if one of the legs snaps.
> You compress a spring, you have te same effect. You've transferred
> energy into the spring which can be released at any time. BUT you
> remove that energy in any way. Energy cannot be created or
> Make sense?
> Martin
> cruznmd wrote:
> >I can not believe I am allowing myself to be pulled into this
> >nonsense but I have a question. I am NOT arguing, I only seek
> >enlightenment.
> >
> >Rick you stated that if you hold a torque wrench at 20 ft/lbs. for
> >eternity no work is being done as long as you don't turn the bolt.
> >
> >In order to hold the torque wrench to 20 ft/lbs. that requires the
> >expenditure of energy. Is not the expenditure of energy by
> >definition, work?
> >
> >Well, maybe not. Supposed you tied the handle to something to hold
> >the wrench. Then no one & nothing is expending energy. There -is-
> >however, "potential" energy in the tension of the wrench handle.
> >the rope snapped, and the wrench flew off that would be latent?
> >energy (energy in use/motion) and work would be done because the
> >wrench moved.
> >
> >Now I'm all screwed up. I knew this was a bad idea. Help?
> >
> >Rich A.
> >
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> >
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