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RE: [DMCForum] Re: Why I like this forum

Here's a signature for ya!

       __---~~~~--__                      __--~~~~---__
      `\---~~~~~~~~\\                    //~~~~~~~~---/'
        \/~~~~~~~~~\||                  ||/~~~~~~~~~\/
                    `\\                //'            
                      `\\            //'
                        ||          || 
                .'                           '.
          _   .'                               '.  _
         ( \._____                          _____'/ )
        .-''      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     ``-.
     .-~              __________________             ~-.
     | | | #### #### || | | | [] | | | || #### #### | | |
          |      ||        ~~~~~~~~~       ||      |
           \_____/                          \_____/


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      From: twinenginedmc12
      Sent: Tue 1/13/2004 2:44 PM
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      Subject: [DMCForum] Re: Why I like this forum

      --- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "content22207"
      > I'm glad YOU'RE having so much fun. Personally feels like
      > to a cross sometimes. I even receive hate eMail off Forum!
      Yup.  I'm having a lot of fun.
      > What blows my mind is people give ME so much crap for *TRUE*
      > statements, then let obvious errors slide right by without
      Yeah.  I agree with you there. People say a lot of silly
      Here's my opinion of them.
      > -Lowering compression increases HP (normally aspirated
      Yup, that was one of Jim's good ones.  Very provocative, in a
      way, without appearing intentional at all.  I was trying to
      that one.  It's one of my favorites.
      > -Tach redline indicates point of maximum HP
      I agree this is wrong.  point of maximum HP is in Boca Raton,
      Florida, where IBM used to be headquartered, and everyone
knows that
      an IBM is the same as an HP.
      > -A small engine with high HP numbers will out pull a large
      I agree this is wrong.  It isn't specified what the little
engine is
      pulling the big one out of.
      > -The optimum time for ignition spark is at the threshhold of
      I agree this is wrong.  The optimum time for ignition spark is
      before climaxing, as long as the woman says it's okay.
      > -Engines do not produce vacuum
      I agree this is wrong.  Engines don't produce vacuum, vacuums
      > -Octane and methane are the same molecules
      I agree this is wrong.  Everyone knows that octane is just
      form of MtBE, and methane is a misspelling of famous musician
      Methena's last name.
      > -Coil voltage is immaterial to mixture ignition
      I agree this is wrong.  Coil CAPACITANCE is the main
parameter, with
      inductance being a close second.
      > -DeLorean underbodies are not made of plastic
      I agree this is wrong.  They are made of polymers, which is a
      crystalline form of glass.
      > If anyone comes up with an emoticon for shaking one's head,
      > post an example. It will become my new signature.
      Here's your emoticon:
      *              *
      *    \\|//     *
      * //  ---   \\ *
      *|| /     \  ||*
      *|| | 0 0 |  ||*
      *|| |  0  |  ||*
      * \\ \_-_/  // *
      *              *
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